Video Review: Laura Branigan “Cry Wolf”

Laura Branigan tilts her head as the fan blows air on her as she sits by the window. A man jumps against a black background. She walks in the forest at night. Raising her arms, she throws her head back, her eyes closed. She sits on a rock.

The man jumps over a burning fence. The wind blows through her open window as she sits on the couch. She sings against the black background and then reaches out her hand as she stands by the flames. Underneath a pastel sky, she clutches her sheet dress. She continues to sit on the rock at night. The fire still burns.

Rating: 5/5

Laura Branigan fans herself as she walks around her home. It was a rather hot summer. In the kitchen, the phone rings. She ignores it. A conversation was too much right now. It was probably her mom or her friends calling to check in on her. Her ex-boyfriend had left her again, saying he had to go to Europe. It was an impactful decision for his career. It would lead to promotions and he’d never have to work for someone ever again. He’d be millionaire. She sighs, thinking she wasn’t doing much of anything, except going to work at her office job in the city.

She toasts to her friends while they hang out at her house. Her best friend says she’s been through a lot and it’s good to see her smile again. As she laughs with her friends, she drops her wine glass while her ex-boyfriend talks on her answering machine. He confesses he was wrong. He doesn’t know what to do and pleads for her help. Her best friend puts her hand on her arm as she stands frozen.

Branigan drives to work and rests her arm on the windowpane as she waits at the traffic stop. Construction had been ongoing for at least four months. She glances at the sidewalk and sees her ex-boyfriend, wearing jeans and a t-shirt as he walks. He stumbles and she realizes he’d been drinking. The light turns green as she drives off. He wasn’t her problem anymore.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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