Video Review: Riton & Nightcrawlers “Friday”

A person picks up his phone on the floor and watches a video of Mufasa, sitting in his car. Mufasa grabs the phone from him and passes by a twentysomething man sleeping on the pool table. He tosses it in the air as the person reaches for it.

Several twentysomething people sit in a pool and dance in the water. Mufasa salutes. A twentysomething person swims in the water and returns to the boat. Hypeman extends his arm. Mufasa gestures for the person to follow him. He dances by three twentysomething people as they sit on a blanket. They join him in his routine. Hypeman, the person and another twentysomething person clink their red plastic cups together.

Mufasa dances in the street. Hypeman and Mufasa dance on animated sand. A cactus stands behind Mufasa. They dance within cutouts. In black-and-white, Riton plays on the turntable while Mufasa and Hypeman dance. Mufasa talks with three twentysomething woman by a garage. He shrugs as a twentysomething woman dances and then performs.

A fortysomething man sits by on his chair and eats marshmallows as his campfire burns. He throws the marshmallow in the air. Mufasa catches it. The fortysomething man nods his head with Mufasa and his friends. He smiles as they continue to dance. A third twentysomething woman rides an ATV on the sand. Her friends ride alongside her. Mufasa sits up as he rides the ATV.

The twentysomething woman hugs the third twentysomething woman on the patio. Several people jump into the pool. A fourth twentysomething sits on the pool table and makes the shot. Hypeman laughs as he holds his cue. Several people dance on the animated beach. Mufasa and his friends dance by the pool table. He smiles as he lies on a float.

Rating: 2.5/5

Mufasa applies sun lotion as he sits on the boat. A twentysomething woman hands him a beer and says a few people are going over a friend’s house afterwards. Mufasa says he’ll go. The twentysomething woman says she’s had such a long week. Mufasa says he’s working on a new routine. She sits up and exclaims. “I want to see it!” Mufasa calls Hypeman over. He and Hypeman perform a rough version of their dance. The twentysomething woman says it’s good.

Hypeman drinks his beer and helps the fourth twentysomething woman with the cue. She grins at him and says she may just make a shot yet. Hypeman says she’s getting there. She crawls on the table and makes the shot. Hypeman and her friends clap. A second friend shows her a video and says she’s going to post it.

Mufasa runs around the family room at around 8 a.m. The twentysomething woman tells him it’s too early. He records her on his phone. She swipes at it and tells him to delete it. He laughs and says it’s his favorite of her now. She rolls over and says to wake her up in a few hours. Hypeman pours orange juice in the kitchen. Mufasa walks into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator. As he cracks some eggs, some people wander into the kitchen. A few open cupboards and get out plates. The fourth twentysomething woman gets a package of ham out of the refrigerator and says they’ll need it with the eggs. Mufasa hands her the butter and she smiles.

Director: Remi Laudat Year: 2021

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