Video Review: Anuel AA & Ozuna “”Dime Tú”

The sparkling blue waves blend into the emerald green waters through a sliver of rock on the beach. Ozuna stands on the mountain, overlooking the ocean. A twentysomething woman walks from her bedroom and stands outside on the porch. Anuel AA leans against an aqua blue wall. He sits on his motorcycle.

Ozuna and Anuel AA sing by two cars on the beach. Anuel AA walks through the crowd in the lime-green lit bar. The bartenders arrange the bottles on the counter. Anuel AA and the twentysomething woman ride on his motorcycle. At dusk, she wraps her arms around him as they stand on the sand. She smiles at him as he hangs out at her house. Lit in scarlet red, a second twentysomething woman stands in the center of the dancefloor.

The second twentysomething woman stands by herself on the sand during the day. Two twentysomething women stand side by side on the beach. Ozuna and Anuel AA talk at the bar.

Rating: 3/5

Anuel AA talks with the second twentysomething at the beach. He watches the sand go between his toes as he thinks of what to say. She puts his hand on his shoulder and tells him not be nervous. He says he really likes her. She grins and says she likes him, dating. He asks her if he’d like to see her everyday. She says it would be okay with her.

While at the bar, he watches the second twentysomething woman as she talks with another woman. He curses under his breath and tells Ozuna to come with him. Ozuna asks him what’s going on. Anuel AA says one of his ex-girlfriends is talking to the second twentysomething woman. His ex-girlfriend slaps her across the face. Anuel AA gets in between him as the twentysomething rubs her face. Ozuna says he’ll take her to the bathroom. Her hand on the cheek, she says she doesn’t understand.

The second twentysomething woman folds her clothes and puts them in her drawer. Anuel AA moves his clothes in the closet and says he made some space for shoes. She says she’s bringing over the necessities for right now. He puts her duffel bag in the corner and tells her there’s no rush. They are going at her pace. She smiles at him and says she has some homework to do. He kisses her and tells her he’ll be in the family room. She opens her textbook and highlights a paragraph.

Director: Fernando Lugo Year: 2021

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