Video Review: Sheena Easton “Days Like This”

Against a black background, a fire burns a dress. Sheena Easton avoids the screen in her theater room. On the wall, a thirtysomething man, stands in the living room. In the second photo, she looks out the window. Against a royal blue background, he stands her behind her as she stares at the floor. A vase drops to the floor. Stretched out blinds on the window remain unfixed.

Wearing sunglasses and a navy blue outfit, she stands on the sidewalk. The thirtysomething man watches her in the corner. Wearing a red dress, she sits at a table as their friends raise their glasses. He sits at the end. A second thirtysomething holds an orange in his mouth. A thirtysomething woman scoffs. Back on the sidewalk, he watches through the window of the pawn shop. She hands the clerk her pearl necklace. At the restaurant, he feeds her some of his food as they sit. Back in royal blue, they sleep together on the couch. She sniffs a flower as the deliveryman walks to her front door, carrying another bouquet.

She takes off her jacket in the front of the mirror and tries to decide if she should into a dress. Opting for another jacket, she opens the door and smiles at him. She smacks his arm away as they sit on the couch. Shirtless, he crosses his arms as she shouts at him. He embraces her and they sleep together again. She talks to him on the phone. He takes suitcases out of the trunk of the cab.

Back at the pawn shop, he buys her pearl necklace. They read the newspaper together as they sit on the couch. He bangs the table as she turns away from him. She cries as he slides the vase of flowers onto the floor. He sits next to her and gives her one of the flower. She cries into his shoulder.

She opens her front door, sees him and shuts it. He shows her the necklace and she lets him inside. She unties her shirt for him in the family room. He throws his head back and laughs during her striptease. She tosses him her shirt. He stands behind her and pulls off her pearl necklace. She stands on the balcony and throws away the photographs. The thirtysomething man steals one the photographs still in the theater room.

Rating: 5/5

Sheena Easton touches her hands on the table. The photograph had been there. She checks underneath the table and on the couch. It wasn’t anywhere. She sits on the couch and puts her head in her hands. It was all she had left of her relationship with the thirtysomething man. She doesn’t know if someone will ever love her again. At least he was someone he did, for a time.

She invites the realtor inside her home. The realtor compliments on the interior. She says it was done a few years ago. The realtor tells her she’ll be able to find some buyers. It won’t stay on the market for long. She says it would be wonderful. In a month, she’ll be moving into an apartment into the suburbs. The realtor tells her she’s making the right decision.

As she walks on the sidewalk, she turns her head around. Someone had to be watching her. She opens her purse and looks for her mace. After breaking up with the thirtysomething man, she invested in it. She didn’t know what to expect. The thirtysomething man seemed to know everything about her. Her guard had told her his suspicions about him. However, she fired him. She thinks of going home and asking him if he’d like his job back. It’d give her peace of mind. Back at home, she receives a phone call from the bank that her account had been frozen. She drops the phone. It dangles on the wall as she walks in the family room. She calls out his name as the busy signal drones on.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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