Video Review: Giveon “Like I Want You”

As the sun sets, a twentysomething woman moves her hands sheet hanging in the forest. Tulips wilt in a vase on the table. Giveon holds the twentysomething woman’s hand as they walk in the forest. He stands in an aqua painted a room, an off-white sheet on the wall behind him.

A coral white sheet hangs on the wall. Hands folded by his nose, he paces on the floor and passes by a chair. The twentysomething woman sits in the chair in the room alone. He takes off the coral sheet off the wall. She positions his arms as he sits by the window. He closes his eyes as she touches his face. She presses his head to her chest. He sits on the floor, scraping food from the bottom of a carton. Lit in a hazy red, she sits on the chair and glances over her shoulder. He holds a bottle of liquor in his hand. At night, she rests her hand on her forehead as she sits in the passenger seat of a car.

Lit in carmine red, he lies on the floor and stares at the ceiling. Back in the coral white sheet draped room, he throws the chair. Lit in powder blue, she closes her eyes and throws her head back as she drives in the car. He sits on the sheet on the floor. Against a black background, a phone rings. A second twentysomething woman answers. She says, “hello.” He replies, “it’s me, I guess” and continues to drive. She lies in the backseat, sleeping.

Rating: 3/5

Giveon carries the twentysomething woman into her home. She murmurs a few unintelligible words as she sleeps. He places her on the her bed and kisses her on the forehead. She reaches out her arm. He whispers that he has to go to back his house. It was 3 a.m. He could’ve stayed over. However, he just wanted to drive.

As he drives, he replays the conversation he had with the second twentysomething woman. She seemed happy to hear from him. The second twentysomething woman was a good friend and he’d been talking to her more than usual lately. He had told her the day in the forest and sent her some pictures. However, she hadn’t replied yet to his texts. He really wanted to know what she thought of the photos.

As he turns, he sees the twentysomething woman’s purse on the passenger seat. He makes a left and drives back to her house. It really couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Her purse had her medicine in it. He fumbles for his key in his pocket and opens the door. As he walks into the family room, he hears her snoring. He leaves her purse on the table and sleeps on the couch.

Director: Kiato Year: 2020

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