Video Review: Mariah Carey “We Belong Together”

Mariah Carey walks barefoot in the mansion. Her robe drops to the floor. Covering herself in a sheet, she lies on top of the bed. She brushes on blush as she sits at the vanity. A thirtysomething woman puts on earrings on a chair by her. A second thirtysomething woman brushes her hair as she sits on the bed.

Wearing a lavender cut-out dress, she sits on an ottoman. Her hair wet, she sits against the shower wall. A thirtysomething man (Wentworth Miller) walks up the stairs on the outside of the mansion and watches as the flower girls drops petals on the aisle. Hands on his hips, he sees a fiftysomething man (Eric Roberts) walk down the aisle. He sits on the railing as Carey walks down the aisle in her wedding gown.

Wearing an embellished t-shirt dress, she turns against the wall. In black-and-white, the thirtysomething man, wearing a mask over his eyes, tosses a flower to her. She turns her head as she stands at the altar and sees the thirtysomething man. Smiling, he reaches for her hands as she runs towards to him. The priest pats the fiftysomething man’s shoulder. They drive off in his car.

Rating: 5/5

Mariah Carey tiptoes around the mansion. The fiftysomething man wasn’t home. However, she still had to watch. The housekeepers and cooks reported what she did back to him. She sits at the computer and taps the mouse with her fingers. The thirtysomething man had taken a three hour drive to the mansion on her wedding day. She hadn’t realized he lived so close. She could take a drive out there. Writing down his address, she tucks it in her pocket and clears her internet history.

Flipping through the a magazine, she sees a photo of her wedding to the fiftysomething man and throws it on the floor. The magazine had dubbed it a fairytale wedding. It had started out that way, at least. The fiftysomething man had spotted her at a mutual friend’s party. Her friends told her she had to talk to him. She told her friend he wouldn’t be attracted to her. She was just a regular person. He walks over to her and said, “hello.” Starstruck, she mumbled a hello. He kissed her hand and told her not to be shy.

Her decades-long friendship with the thirtysomething man was ended. The fiftysomething man grabbed her phone from her and shouted at her that she’d never to talk to anyone again. It took about 6 months before she was able to get another phone. He insisted on buying everything for her. Her mom gushed he was such a gentleman and only wanted to take care of her. She walks to the garage and looks for the keys. It had been awhile since she’d driven. The butler asks her if she needs some assistance. She puts the keys back and says she was admiring the fiftysomething man’s collection of cars. The butler nods, saying, “millions of people would line up for the collection.” She forces a smile and walks through the main hall.

Director: Brett Ratner Year: 2005

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