Video Review: Ella Henderson & Tom Grennan “Let’s Go Home Together”

Over the din in the bar, Ella Henderson stares at Tom Grennan as he walks in with his friends. She talks with her friends while she talks with her friends. Grennan talks with the bartender as she pulls the lever. Turning his head, he looks at Henderson. He sips his drink as he stands by the counter.

She watches him as he laughs with his friends while they sit in a booth. He rolls up his sleeve to one of his friends the tattoo on his arm. She puts her hands over her nose as she laughs with her friends. He glances over at Henderson every couple minutes.

Grabbing a chair, he sits next to Henderson at her table. Henderson and Grennan clink glasses. He stacks the glasses. They hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes. He touches her hair. The lights shut off in the bar as they stand together. Henderson plays the guitar as he sings by her in the bar.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ella Henderson gags as she cleans vomit off the bathroom floor. She throws away the towels and picks up Tom Grennan’s clothes from the floor. He was a rather messy person. As she puts her clothes in the hamper, she tells herself he’s going through a hard time. He needed a place to stay and it made sense for him to live with her. Supposedly, one of his friends screwed him over and they hadn’t gotten into a fight. Grennan had to appear in her court. She was going to be a witness for him.

Grennan drinks a beer as he watches television. He pats the seat next to her and winks. She says she can’t as she types on her laptop. It would help if he turned the television lower. However, she learned to pick her battles. She didn’t have the energy to fight with him. He gets up from the couch and pushes the laptop off the table. Hands over her face, she cries out “no!” and presses buttons on it. She tells him her essay was on it. He shrugs and tells her it’ll have to wait. She bites her lips as the screen goes black. He kisses her neck and puts her hand on her stomach. She smacks his arm away and says she has to go.

Pacing around the kitchen, she glances at the bedroom and chills run down her arm. She grabs her keys and says she’ll back. Taking her charger, she sits in her car and tries to get her laptop to work. She glances in the parking lot to check to see if he was there.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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