Video Review: Hi-Five “She’s Playing Hard To Get”

Tony, Roderick, Marcus, Treston and Russell stand on the pier and talk. A twentysomething woman walks by. A second twentysomething woman stares at them while she leans against the railing. Lit in powder blue, a third twentysomething plays the guitar.

Roderick, Tony and Marcus approach each one of the women on the pier. Tony, Roderick, Marcus, Treston and Russell dance in an empty warehouse. Lit in electric blue and black-and-white, they continue to dance in front of a building.

Russell and a fourth twentysomething reach for a cup at the watercooler and accidentally hold hands. He leans into her as she smiles. Roderick grins as the thirtysomething woman laughs at his joke. She looks over his chart in her office and puts a thermometer on his tongue. He sits with the tongue decompressor in his mouth as she listens to his heart.

A fifth twentysomething woman snaps pictures of them in the empty house. They dance on the rooftop of an apartment building. Russell stands over the fourth twentysomething woman as she writes at her desk. Roderick plays with the stethoscope. Lit in cornflower blue, they continue to dance with the twentysomething on the rooftop.

Rating: 2.5/5

Roderick flips through the magazine at the doctor’s office. He checks the clock. The receptionist informs him the doctor is running late and says it’s only going to be about 15 more minutes. He nods and says it’s fine. His doctor was hot. He didn’t mind the wait. He thinks he may try to kiss her today. She was a bit older and unmarried, as far as he knew. However, even if she was engaged, he’d fight for her.

The thirtysomething woman walks into the room and asks him how he’s feeling. Roderick grins and says he’s doing wonderful. He asks her for a full-body exam and winks. Putting his hand to his forehead, he says he has a sudden fever. She laughs and says he’s trouble. He laughs and says she likes it. She says his vitals are good and if there’s something wrong with his blood work, she’ll call him.

Roderick sits by the phone. He thinks he should’ve told her he felt weak or something. There were multiple disorders he could have: anemia or leukopenia or hemophilia. After a week, he calls the office to find out. Perhaps he missed the call. The receptionist says he’s healthy and they’ll see him in six months. He tells her “thank you” and hangs up. Anemia had been his hope. It would mean multiple visits.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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