Video Review: P!nk & Willow Sage Hart “Cover Me In Sunshine”

Birds chirp as Willow Sage Hart lies on the grass, her eyes closed. She walks with her mom, Pink, on the trail. Pink puts her hand on Hart’s head. Hart runs to the chicken coop and gets two eggs. She feeds the chickens. Pink watches her as she balances herself on the fence. She and Pink pet the horse in the stable.

They ride their horses on the trail. She leans into Pink as her mom takes a picture on her phone. She does the devil’s horn gesture as Pink sits on a bathtub on the dock. Pink does the gesture, too. They dance on the dock. She leaps onto Pink’s back and holds onto her as they walk. Pink laughs as Hart sits in the bathtub. She waits by the stable and sings by herself on the dock.

Rating: 2.5/5

Willow Sage Hart sings one of Pink’s songs throughout the house. Pink mouths “wow” to her husband and says she may have to set up vocal lessons. She whispers that Willow could be a superstar. But she has to start know. She doesn’t want her daughter to struggle like her.

Hart tries to adjust the headphones in the studio. Pink tells her she can do it. She sings part of the chorus. Pink tells her they need it only a couple more times. She sings it and looks to her mom. Pink tells the producer she’s just really nervous. Pink promises her they’ll go out for ice cream and have just a day together. She says for to sing it like she did at home. Hart smiles and sings it. Pink claps and runs over to give her a hug.

She runs to the chicken coop and says she wants to feed them. Pink tells her to slow down. She says they have so many eggs to eat and says she wants scrambled eggs for dinner. Pink tells her she’ll make it once they get home and says for her to dance somewhere. Pink puts the eggs away and watches her daughter dance. Hart sits by her at the bathtub and says she wants to be just like her someday. Pink ruffles her hair and says she’s going to try to make a big star.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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