Video Review: Madison Beer “Boyshit”

A twentysomething man pulls his sportscar into the driveway of a mansion. Madison Beer giggles as she presses her head against the twentysomething man’s head. She holds her glass of champagne as they stand by the window. He places his hands on her cheeks. She grins as a credit shows on screen: “starring the man who can’t stop lying.”

She lies on the floor, her legs crossed and touches her thigh. A disfigured male creature smiles in a painting on the floor. She plays with her hair as she dances front of the mirror. Several twentysomething women sit on the floor in the family room. Beer walks up to the chalkboard in the room, crosses out the word Boyshit and turns to face the twentysomething women. The twentysomething women listen and take notes.

She talks on the rotary phone as she sits on the couch. Some of the twentysomething women sit at the dining table. She turns around and stares. One of the twentysomething women closes the door. She falls onto her bed and looks out the window. Two twentysomething women eat ice cream cones in the kitchen. The twentysomething run around outside. Back at the dining table, they put their hands on the table. It becomes a painting on the wall.

The twentysomething man whispers into Beer’s ear as they sit in the car. The light flashes back and forth as they sit together on the couch. Against a black background, she and the twentysomething women stand together. She jumps on the bed. One of the twentysomething woman tosses her shirt as she walks topless in the backyard. Beer laughs and kicks her legs as lies on the couch.

Rating: 4/5

The twentysomething man continues to drive in a circle. Madison Beer puts her two fingers to her lips and places them on the disfigured male creature on the painting. As she walks back into the classroom, she slaps the ruler on the table and instructs the twentysomething women to be quiet. The twentysomething women stare ahead. Tilting her head, she says they are going to be best friends forever and holds a knife in her hand.

The twentysomething screams as his body gets sucked into a wooden canvas. His caricariture image snarls as he tries to pop out of the painting. Beer says each one of them are capable of creating a masterpiece. Their disappointment will fuel their creativity. She punches her chest as tells them to tear the cap off the bottle and let their emotions pour into the brush.

Beer grades papers as she watches the news in the background. Several men were reported missing. She looks up and beams. Some of her students were going to pass their final exams. She flips her hair as she walks on the sidewalk. A thirtysomething man, a police officer, nods at her and tells her to be safe. He tells her, “there are some twisted people out and about.” She puts her finger in her mouth and says he’s so brave. The thirtysomething man blushes. She smirks as she waves at him. Bending over, she eyes him as he checks out her body.

Director: Lauren Dunn Year: 2021

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