Video Review: Gorgon City & Drama “You’ve Done Enough”

Na’el and Via tape Gorgon City posters on a building. Within the black background of the photo, Gorgon City perform on stage. Lit in royal blue, Via dances in the warehouse. Several spotlights shine on her as she sings. Na’el, eyes closed, rolls his head as he performs. He nods his head as he sits in the car. She levitates by the car and the railings. Na’el continues to play as she lands on the ground.

Rating: 2.5/5

Via knocks on the door of the closed club. Na’el gets his key and opens it. Via comments that it’s a great space. It didn’t seem it whenever they went. Na’el says it was because it was packed. He walks back into the inventory and gets two liquor bottles. She drinks it as she walks around. He says they can make it work.

Via says she’d like to change the DJ booth around, though. She could never see it. He says it could go closer to the front. She says she has a meeting with the bank on Tuesday to talk about a loan. He says he’ll go with her. She looks through the binder and sends him some notes on her phone. He reads her note and says he’ll add what she wrote.

A real estate agent gestures with her arm as she talks with two fortysomething men. She says it’s a wonderful space for an office and was a successful bar. One of the fortysomething men asks Via and Na’el if they should be there. Via says they were just reminiscing. The real estate agent tells her they have to leave. As they walk out, they look at the warehouse again.

Director: Eric Maldin Year: 2021


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