Video Review: Matchbox Twenty “If You’re Gone”

In black-and-white, Kyle holds his coffee as he leans against the ledge on the rooftop and looks at the traffic below. He walks back to his seat. Rob, sitting backwards in his chair, sings as Adam, Brian, Paul and Peter sit by him, playing their instruments.  Rob gets up and walks to the ledge.

He steps onto the ledge and stares at the road. Adam, Brian, Paul and Peter continue to play as he sings into the microphone. The sun rises while they stand up and perform.

Rating: 3/5

A twentysomething woman stares at Rob as he stands on the ledge. She makes a call on her cell phone. Rob waves to her. His senses clear as the wind blows through his hair. Closing his eyes, he listens to the traffic. It was simple. He had to tell her how he felt. Kyle asks him if he’s all right. Rob spreads out his arms as the sirens drown out his thoughts.

Rob steps back and grabs a soda from the cooler. He was going to drink less. Brian’s stomach growls and he comments he should eat breakfast soon. Rob says he’ll join him. It’s the first time he’s wanted to eat something in awhile. Paul tells Rob his girlfriend could’ve been in a bad mood. Rob sips his soda and says it has crossed his mind. Adam pats him on the shoulder and assures it’ll work itself it out.

The hostess seats Rob and Brian at the diner. As they read over their menus, one of the servers says she saw a man on top of the ledge. She was afraid he was going to jump. Rob puts his head down. It hadn’t been an attempt. Brian says he was ready to grab his legs if he hadn’t gotten down. He, Adam, Paul, Kyle and Peter had been discussing what to say to him. Kyle suggested to keep it simple and he was grateful he was right. Rob tells him he hadn’t intended to jump. However, the words echoed in his mind with a hollow sound.

Director: Pedro Romhanyi Year: 2000


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