Video Review: Foreigner “I Don’t Want To Live Without You”

The Earth spins. A volcano erupts in an unknown country. A droplet of water splashes into the lake. A mushroom grows. A frog sits on a lily pad on a lake. A lioness and lion sit together in the field and look around.

In a clip from a 1950s movie, a twentysomething woman drops her handkerchief on the floor and slides it a thirtysomething man’s foot. He hands it back to her and tips his hat. A peacock spreads it feathers. From an animated movie, a couple kiss as they ride the Wheel of Love. In black-and-white, Marilyn Monroe smiles as Joe DiMaggio kisses her.

Two giraffes nuzzle in the forest. Back in black-and-white, a sailor kisses his wife. In color, Fred Astaire dances around in the family room as he looks a photo. In black-and-white, an animated Betty Boop squeals at a ring. Grace Kelly smiles. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace. In color, a fetus grows in the womb. A doctor hands a newborn over to its mother in the hospital.

In black-and-white, a row of babies lie next together. In a film clip, a twentysomething man faints at the sight of his newborn baby. Back in color, cells divide. In a film clip, a thirtysomething woman smiles as a thirtysomething man kisses her neck. Back in color, penguins watch as a dolphin swims by them. A heart pops out of animated soldier. An animated man pops open a jewelry box, which holds a ring.

Back in black-and-white, a priest gives a man and wife Communion in church. A second twentysomething woman kisses a second twentysomething man as he leaves on a train. He opens a window and blows her a kiss. A fiftysomething man picks up an infant from its crib and plays. Back in color, a lion licks its cubs.

Rating: 2/5

The twentysomething touches her pregnant belly as she watches the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for the hundredth film. She mimes the dance moves of Marilyn Monroe and she flashes her wedding ring. Marilyn Monroe was her favorite actress. She believes she was misunderstood and that people should’ve taken her seriously.

Carrying her Betty Boop purse, she scans a crib and stroller for her registry. A sales clerk asks her when she’s due. She says she just found out and was able to tell her friends and family. Her husband puts her hands on her shoulder and asks if she needs to sit down. She says she can manage it.

She sighs as she looks through the racks of maternity clothes. None of them were stylish. She chooses some dresses. They were at least trendy. Her husband holds her bag and kisses her. He tells her she’s beautiful. She puts her hands on his face and says she he’s such a wonderful man. He gets out his credit card and pays for her clothes. She points to the pretzels and says she’s craving it. He rushes over and says he’ll get one for her. At the counter, she asks the clerk for some ketchup. Her husband grins and shrugs at the clerk, saying she’s pregnant and gets whatever she wants.

Director: N/A Year: 1987

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