Video Review: SZA “Good Days”

Within a small square, pieces of mushrooms lie on pages of a book. Some ceramic mushrooms sit on a table. Outside, the sun sets. The dog checks on SZA as she sleeps on the floor of the family room. Back within the small square, mushrooms grow.

The spots on the painted mushrooms slide. SZA, her hands on her chest, sways back and forth as she stands in the ground. As she reads a book, she holds onto a pole in the library. She dances on the pole. Back in the forest, she rolls of the hill and continues to dance. Off to the side, a television plays. Within the television, lit lime green, she moves her head.

Wearing a neutral bikini with a silver chain around her, she lies on the grass. Lit in lavender, she dances on a pole at the gas station at night. She holds the nozzle at the pump.

Rating: 5/5

SZA spreads her arms in the kitchen and shakes them. As the feeling returns into her body, she listens as the birds chirp. A tree limb breaks and she winces. It was as though a part of her was hurt. Her dog barks at her and she rubs his ears. He licks her face. She tells him, “I’m okay” and gives him a bowl of water.

Her mouth dry, she drinks a water as she sits on a chair in the patio. She yells at her dog to stop chasing the squirrel. During the trip, she had talked to the squirrel. It was a fragile creature and feared walking across the fence in her backyard. Sometimes, the squirrel thought about its mom. Her dog wags his tail at her. She says the squirrel misses its mom and walks over to it. The squirrel sniffs her hand and takes the food. She says they’ll build a home for her.

A bunny hops into the backyard and she puts her dog back inside. The bunny hops into her arms. She pets it and gives it a kiss. The bunny falls asleep in her arms. She brings it back into the horse. The dog approaches it and growls. She “hmmm’s” at her dog. The dog whines and sits in its bed.

Director: Solana Year: 2021

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