Video Review: Alanis Morissette “Thank U”

At night, a naked Alanis Morissette runs her hand along the wall of a building while some light shines by her. People pass by her on the sidewalk. A twentysomething man places his hand on her shoulder. She stands in the train station. A thirtysomething woman puts her hand on her stomach. She holds the thirtysomething woman’s hand as people fade into a blur.

She sits on the train and looks out the window. A twentysomething man sits across from her as she twiddles her thumbs. Some people place their hands on her shoulders as she stands on the platform, staring into the distance. Leaning against an endcap, she watches as people walk down the aisle. She holds her hand towards the light by the soda.

She stands in the middle of the street. Two fortysomething women kiss the side of her head. People walk through her and disappear.

Rating: 5/5

Alanis Morissette places the bottle of wine, pretzels and some frozen meals onto the conveyor belt. She avoids the cashier’s eye as she loads her groceries into her coat. The cashier gives her a small smile. She scrambles for her credit card and apologizes. The cashier tells her to take her time. The thirtysomething man heaves a loud sigh and swears at her as he holds his basket. The cashier tells the thirtysomething man to watch his language. She shakes her head and says it won’t go through. The cashier presses into the pad. Morissette smiles at her.  Morissette thanks her for her help. The cashier hands her receipt and tells her she hopes her day gets better.

Traffic passes by as she sits in her car. A car stops for her and the person waves for her to go. Morissette thanks her and pulls into the first lane. As she drives, she listens to her meditation. It keeps her calm as a second car cuts her off. Back in her apartment building, she tries to carry as many groceries as she can. One of her neighbors asks her if she needs any help. Smiling, Morissette tells her she has about five plastic bags in the car. Her neighbor says she’ll get them for her.

Her neighbor places the bags on the counter. Morissette asks her if she wants any coffee or anything. Her neighbor says a coffee would be great. Morissette thanks her for her help. Her neighbor says it’s okay. She knows it’s been rough for her. Morissette says it was her first day out where she felt like herself again. Her neighbor nods and Morissette looks at the counter. She opened up too soon. Her neighbor was going to think something was still wrong. Her neighbor says it’s good she’s talking about it. Not many people can. Morissette says she just needed a win. Her neighbor tells her she’s just next door and she can come over when she wants. Morissette says she may take her up on her offer. She’s going to be returning to work tomorrow. Her neighbor says to call her once she gets home.

Director: Stéphane Sednaoui Year: 1998

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