Video Review: Clinton Kane “Chicken Tendies”

Clinton Kane walks onto the porch and watches as twentysomething woman drives past his house. She stares at him as she drives off. He smiles as he walks over to two of his friends, sitting in a car and gets in the backseat.

As his friend drives over the bridge, he spreads out his arms. While they pass by the mountains, he throws his head back. Kane and the twentysomething woman sit on the mountain. His friend parks the car. He and his two friends stand in line for food. Kane sits on top of the table and puts his cup down. The twentysomething woman drives by and he gets out of his seat. They stare at one another.

Kane walks on the beach, his hands behind his head as the sun sets. Lit in royal blue, he turns around and then watches the ocean.

Rating: 3/5

Clinton Kane sits on the sand and builds a small castle. The twentysomething woman walks up to him and asks if she can sit with him. He nods. She says she’s sorry she hasn’t talked to him for awhile. He says he understands. She says he was going to stop by his house. But she saw his friends there and she didn’t want to interrupt his plans. He says he’s glad she’s there. She smiles and says she figured he’d be there.

He stands at the register at his job and sees the twentysomething woman walk in with her boyfriend. She laughs as her boyfriend pushes the cart. She wanders over to the and her boyfriend gestures for her to follow him. He shakes his head. A fortysomething woman holds up a packaged salad and tells him it won’t ring up. Glancing at the clothes section, he walks up the fortysomething woman. He punches in his password and rings it up for her.

Kane knocks on the twentysomething woman’s door. She opens the door and motions for him to come inside. Her dog runs up to him and barks. She grins and says her dog missed him. Kane pets him and holds him. She says he spoils her dog so much. Her boyfriend waves hello to him in the family room. He puts the dog down and shakes his hand. They sit together and watch the game. The twentysomething woman stands up and “whoo’s.” While in the kitchen, he asks her if she’s happy. The twentysomething woman nods and says she is. She says it’s important to her he’s trying to be friends. Kane leans against the counter and tells her he’ll always be her friend. She ruffles his hair.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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