Video Review: Eddy Grant “Electric Avenue”

Eddy Grant runs on a beach in Barbados, Jamaica. on a two television sets on display. At night, a person flashes the headlight on their motorcycle. Grant sits on his couch, watching television while the person rides their motorcycle by the airport. Two people ride their motorcycles in the street.

Grant turns off the television and sinks into the ocean, which was once his floor. He crawls on the shore. A fortysomething man leans against the wall while the two people ride their motorcycle past the market. He sits at a counter inside a restaurant. The two people hide by the kitchen, their helmets touching the table. They stand up as the children do their homework. The two people patrol the restaurant and walk down the stairs as they leave. An 8-year-old girl smiles as she walks to the stairs.

Back on the beach, a person stops their motorcycle and turns on their flashlight. Grant covers himself with a blanket and walks. The two people continue to ride their motorcycles in the street at night.

Rating: 3.5/5

Eddy Grant takes the side street as he walks home. Usually, the people who patrolled the area avoided the neighborhoods. They preferred to stay within the city. He hides in a bush as he hears a cry. A twentysomething man explains he was letting his dog outside. The dog barks at the fence. The person grits the teeth and demands that they get back inside. Grant puts down the blanket and lies on the grass. Going any further was out of the question.

Grant walks back to the main street and hails a cab. He gives the cab driver directions and stares out the window. The roads, were for the most part, free of the patrol. The cab driver says he can only take him up to the bus stop. Grant tells him it’s okay. The cab driver was trying to get by, just like him.

He sits on the couch and turns off the television. The cab driver had been taken into custody. Grant couldn’t sit back anymore. Turning the activist’s business card back and forth in his hand, he considers his options. He picks up the phone and calls. The activist talks with him and gives him information about the next meeting.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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