Video Review: Miley Cyrus “Angels Like You”

Miley Cyrus talks with a friend as she walks to the stage in Tampa Bay, Florida and drinks from a bottle of water. She dances on stage during rehearsal. Lifting up her top, she licks her lips. Wearing a sequined football jersey and pants, she lies on the grass. In a van, Cyrus rests her head on a friend’s lap. Her friend plays with her hair.

On stage, Cyrus sits on a stool as she performs. Back in the van, she sits by her friend’s thigh. The people, in the audience, listen. She lies on the grass and continues to sing. A letter on the screen reads: “On February 17, 2021, nearly a year after the world shut down because of COVID-19, this video was shot at the first concert of its size since the pandemic changed our lives. The audience here is fully vaccinated healthcare workers…With vaccines becoming more available, each one of us can help stop the pandemic by being vaccinated. Together, we can make the experience of live music a reality again.”

Rating: 2/5

Miley Cyrus sits on the stool and looks at the audience. Each person helped to save lives in some ways. Some people cleaned up the rooms of patients. Others brought patients their meals, knowing they could get sick. Nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists, who fought for their patients. They experienced trauma she could never know. It was night to get away from it. She wanted them to have a good time.

Backstage, she says they subdued. However, she hoped they enjoyed themselves. On her phone, she signs up for several places to get her vaccination shot. Reading over the Center of Disease Control website, she see the side effects are fatigue, a sore arm and a chills. It was safe. She’d prefer to feel crappy for a few days than risk ending up in the hospital.

She talks with her management about rescheduling dates. Touring may be a possibility now. Normal was gradually returning. She checks the vaccine schedule. Although she still had some time to wait, she was relieved it wouldn’t be too much longer.

Directors: Alana O’Herlihy & Miley Cyrus Year: 2021

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