Video Review: Doja Cat “Streets”

At night, people sit in traffic. A twentysomething man stands in the street and shouts. A second twentysomething man (Kofi Siriboe) sits in the cab and stares Doja Cat in the store window. Cat, wearing Christian Siriano, moves her arms. In silhouette, she touches the glass of the window against the cherry red background.

Against the cherry red background, the second twentysomething man sits on a chair as she dances by him. In a burst of fire, she sits on the hood of the cab. A hand reaches out from the pavement as it rains. Men surround her as she dances on the hood of the car. The man pulls himself out of the pavement and watches her. A third twentysomething man’s eyes glow red as he bares his teeth. She touches the chin of the second twentysomething man. A string traps him into her web. She puts her heel on his chest.

On a building, a billboard features her dancing in silhouette against the cherry red background. She rests her head on the second twentysomething man’s lap as they watch television in the family room. The sun burns through, drying the desert and melting him. Back in the cab, she tells the second twentysomething “Hello. I’m sorry. There’s traffic.” He answers, “okay” and drives.

Rating: 5/5

Doja Cat flicks larvae off her shirt as she walks towards the club. She locks eyes with the second twentysomething man. He stands frozen in the rain. Her eyes glow a bright red. She shakes it off. He was handsome and she preferred not to devour him. She stares at the ground and he continues to walk past her.

Two clerks talk in the clothing store. She slinks into the plastic of the mannequin, enveloping herself into its eyes and arms. She bites her tongue as the clerk brushes off her dress. However, it slithers out of her mouth. The clerk screams, shouting “what was that?” She slides through into the clothing and stands by the rack, in human form. Her hand on her heart, Cat says the bug gave her a quite a scare. The clerk laughs and says she would’ve stomped it. Cat’s tongue slithers out again. She covers her mouth as the clerk turns around, saying the bug was somewhere.

A group of twentysomething men stop to gaze at her as she dances in the club. Her skin molts as she touches it. She zeroes in on the second twentysomething man. His lips stick together as she kisses him. Screeches come out of his mouth as he points to it. She gives him a small smile. It was rather unfortunate it was him, though. Lying against her web, she watches his body slump. Some eggs land by her feet.

Director: Christian Breslauer Year: 2021

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