Video Review: Post Malone “Only Wanna Be With You”

Two jellyfish Pokémon fish float in the ocean. Several others watch as Post Malone flies by in his bubble. Three sharks pass the bridge. Within his bubble, Malone sings into his microphone as he stands on a piece of rock. Two fish pop out their cave, amazed by the sound.

Malone taps his chest and points to the surface as the fish swim over him. A dragon flaps its wings and opens its mouth, breathing fire. Malone watches the sparks as he continues to sing on the rock. A second dragon waves its fiery tail in his face and guards him. Malone lands on a rock as lava flows behind him. A third dragon smiles as he sits on a second piece of rock. Rock splash into the lava. A fourth dragon dances. The third dragon breathes fire, blowing Malone out of the ocean. Malone flies by the mountains and hovers over a hole in the field.

Rating: 5/5

Post Malone covers his head as he floats underneath the bridge. The dragon swoops by and checks on him. He informs Malone the coast is clear. However, the bubble won’t sustain itself. The dragon breathes on him, pushing him forward.

Malone hugs the bottom of the rock, droplets of water falling on his head as the bubble bursts. A few fish, with flashlights over their heads, listen to him. One of the fish says they aren’t supposed to go past the reefs. The second fish says they are having fun. A second dragon tells the fish it’s dangerous for them to go to the lava and escorts them back to their cave.

The dragons bump him up to the surface. A second dragon nudges him towards the shore. He balances himself on the rock as he flies over the ocean. Landing in the field, he steps off the field. Pikachu claps and says they have a mission to complete. Malone says he’s pumped for it. Pikachu takes his Malone’s hand and flies in the air.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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