Video Review: Zendaya, TY$, Bobby Brackins & iamsu! “My Baby (Remix)”

Lit in royal blue, a person drives by the San Francisco Bay-Oakland Bridge in Oakland, California. Zendaya, wearing a Hologram City mesh hoodie, as she dances underneath the rainbow lights at the theater.

She stands against several televisions with TY$, Bobby Brackins and iamsu! in the theater. Back in royal blue, she sits by her bike as lights scroll by on the wall. Bobby Brackins pops out of a air vent. TY$ forms a heart sign with his hands as he sits by himself. He puts his arm around a twentysomething young woman.

While she dances by the theater, she pulls her hoodie over her eyes. She sits with Brackins against the wall. Brackins hugs the second twentysomething woman as they stand underneath the rainbow lights. Zendaya, wearing a Diamond Supply top with overalls, gestures to the 1998 on her shirt.

A third twentysomething woman walks around iamsu! and gives him vinyl albums. He sits on the chair and looks at them. They stand by an neon open sign. Zendaya makes a funny face as she rides her bike.

Rating: 2.5/5

Zendaya stands at the marquee and chooses between the movies. She really wanted to see the comedy. Bobby Brackins and iamsu! had mentioned to it, too. However, TY$ and the twentysomething woman seemed to favor indie movies. TY$ and the twentysomething walk up to her and say hello. He asks her if she’d been waiting long. Zendaya shakes her head and says it was only about ten minutes.

TY$, putting his hands on the twentysomething woman’s shoulders, says the indie movie is excellent. He thinks it’s going to be nominated for some awards. Zendaya tells him she had heard about it but didn’t know much. TY$ summarizes the plot for her. She says she’s on board. However, he’s going to have convince Brackins. TY$ reminds her of the majority rule.

Brackins agrees to see the indie movie. TY$ had good taste. If it was anyone else, he would’ve pushed for the comedy. He nudges Zendaya and shows her his package of gummy bears. She smiles and takes the bag. While sitting in the theater, she spots an 18-year-old man taking a seat. iamsu! urges her to talk to him. She says she’s here with them. Brackins tells her they’ll be fine. She gets up from her seat and says “ok.” As she walks over to him, she introduces himself. He talks to her about the movie. She turns around and smiles at her friends. They nod. The 18-year-old young man waves to them. Zendaya says they should join them. TY$ moves over and says hello to the 18-year-old young man as he sits next to Zendaya. Her phone vibrates and she reads a text from iamsu!, saying, “let us know if you need an out.” She texts back, “thank you.”

Director: Stephen Garnett Year: 2014

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