Video Review: DJ Snake & Selena Gomez “Selfish Love”

A twentysomething man walks into the beauty salon and calls out “hey Can I get a haircut?” Selena Gomez, turns around in her chair and rings a bell on her desk. She walks behind the beaded curtain. The twentysomething man walks to the center of the salon and stands by the mirrored wall. The jukebox begins to play a compact disc.

He sits in a chair in the mirrored room. Multiple hands touch his hair and he smiles. He looks up as one hand grabs his arm. The hands cover his eyes and touch his waist as the chair gets pulled through a curtain of hair. She peeks through the curtains as some hands hold up some hair dryers.

Gomez sings within a painting hanging in the wig room as the twentysomething man moves through the hallway. He watches legs swing out of the wall as a hand cuts his hair. Dancers, wearing Gomez painting on their heads, dance in the lobby and push him into a door into the wall. The door closes.

Several twentysomething man walk into the salon. A second twentysomething man lies in a tanning bed. A third twentysomething wears a helmet. One of the dancers presses the Snake button on it. He sways and gets thrown out of the window. DJ Snake parks his car at the curb and asks Gomez for a haircut. She turns on the lamp on her desk, telling him, “hey.”

Rating: 4/5

Selena Gomez dusts off the wigs on the mannequin heads. One of the mannequin heads tells her the second twentysomething man has been hitting the wall for the past hour. A second mannequin head whines, “it hurts!” Gomez says she’ll go to the basement and have a discussion. A walking painting hands her a blow dryer.

Several twentysomething men scream as Gomez walks into the room. Waving the blow dryer around, she walks by each of them and informs them they are to stay still. She reminds them they are their for a reason. They are loved by her and she’ll take care of them. One of the dancing paintings hands each of the men a plate of food.

She sits at the desk and makes appointments. DJ Snake walks up behind her and tells her she’s beautiful. She gives him the rent check and says there are some lovely men in the back. DJ Snake scrolls through purchase orders for wigs. She says some of the mannequin heads have been asking to meet the men downstairs. DJ Snake say she should throw the mannequin heads away. She walks to the shelf and gathers the mannequin heads. They protest, saying they are still in good condition. She dumps them in the trash.

Director: Rodrigo Saavedra Year: 2021

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