Video Review: Sisqo “Thong Song”

In Miami, Florida, Sisqo answers his phone as he sits on his bed. He replies, “I’m ready. I’m just waiting for this girl to my daughter back. They went to the mall or something.” The twentysomething woman walks into the family room and drops the bags on the floor. His 8-year-old daughter stares into the bags. The twentysomething woman sits on the bed as he explains, “Nokio and Jazz are on the Baltimore bus.”

His 8-year-old girl pats his back, saying “Daddy” as he continues to talk. He asks her, “what’s happenin?” His 8-year-old girl pulls out a thong and says, “what’s this?” Sisqo’s jaw drops. He turns to the twentysomething woman, who shrugs. He twirls the thong around his finger as he walks around in his home.

Multiple buses from several major cities park in the lot. Sisqo dances in the hallway as the women walk out of the buses. Wearing bikinis, they walk on the beach. Sisqo speeds down on the road. The women lie on the blanket, sun tanning as Sisqo dances by them. A second twentysomething woman hits a beach ball. A group of twentysomething women play volleyball. A person puts mustard on a hot dog while a group of women dance on the sand. A banner flies across the sky, reading “Sisqo Spring Break.” Ja Rule and LL Cool J sit with some women. Method Man and Redman lean against the railing of the boat.

The women watch Sisqo perform a dance routine with two twentysomething men on the sand. Sisqo leaps into the air and stands on top of the pyramid. He walks over the group of women. Lit in midnight blue, Sisqo performs on stage with Nokio, Jazz and Woody. The women, wearing glow-in-dark bikinis, dance. A fourth twentysomething woman dances against Sisqo on the sand.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sisqo rolls his suitcase as he lands in the airport. His daughter holds his hand and tells him she wants to go to Disneyworld. He tells her they’ll go later in the week. But right now, they are going to to the head to the hotel. The twentysomething woman wiggles her butt and says they’ll dance with Daddy tonight. His 8-year-old giggles as she shakes her butt. Sisqo blushes and tells his daughter to stop.

His daughter runs to the bathroom and says she wants to him see her swimsuit. The twentysomething woman says his daughter picked it out herself. His daughter struts in a bikini. She poses and says she looks just like a model. Sisqo puts a towel over her and says they are going to the store to pick out an appropriate swimsuit.

LL Cool J waves to Sisqo’s daughter and tells him it was a great show. His daughter says, “hello Uncle LL!” LL Cool J says he’s going to challenge her to game of checkers. His daughter squeals and says she’s going to win. Sisqo says she’s growing up too fast. LL Cool J asks if he’s going to party tonight. Sisqo says the nanny is going to watch her. The twentysomething woman sits on his lap and says it’s been a fun vacation. He kisses her and pats her on the knee.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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