Video Review: Silk Sonic “Leave The Door Open”

A producer presses the button on the sound board in the studio. Anderson .Paak, Bruno Mars and a band perform on the other side. Paak plays the drums as he sings. Mars touches his chin as he sits on the piano bench. He raises his hands while he plays the piano.

Several twentysomething woman lean against the ledge and sing along behind the glass. Mars and the guitarist bounce in their seats as they play. The twentysomething woman dance. A twentysomething woman puts her hands on the glass and puckers her lips. All the twentysomething women clap after Silk Sonic finishes the song.

Rating: 2/5

The twentysomething woman sits on Bruno Mars’ lap and tells him it was a wonderful performance. Mars kisses her cheek and says it came from his heart. She beams at him. A second twentysomething woman puts her hand on his shoulder and says she’s going to order dinner. Mars looks at the clock and tells them to go ahead. He wants to play some more.

Anderson .Paak blushes as a couple of women talk to him. He says he has a girlfriend at home and he should probably call her. A third twentysomething woman says he can hang out for a bit. The guitarist gestures for him to join them. .Paak says he still has a lot of energy left.

Mars drinks a beer as he sits on a couch. The twentysomething woman snuggles up to him. She says he’s going to become famous and everyone is going to remember them when they played on stage. Mars tells her “no one is going to forget” and motions for the band members to walk with them. On stage, Mars grabs the microphone and starts to dance. The twentysomething women dance and clap for them. The people stand up and dance.

Directors: Bruno Mars & Florent Dechard Year: 2021

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