Video Review: Breathe “Don’t Tell Me Lies (US Version)”

In silhouette, a twentysomething young woman dances against a white background. Ian and Marcus play their instrument as they stand between a chair. David sits with his hand underneath his chin. He crosses his legs while gray and amber squiggles streak across the white background.

The twentysomething woman walks by her and stares at him. She sits in the chair as David stands in the right hand corner. He sings as she puts her hands around him. She plays the drumsticks on the chair and knocks David off of it. David sits on the chair and she pulls it out from underneath him. He sits on the floor. She cuddles with him as they sit on the floor. As they stand together, she leaps into his arms.

David plays the drums as Ian sits in the chair. He carries the twentysomething woman in his arms as they walk away. She sits in the chair as he tries to lift it. They fall over.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twentysomething woman puts down her cards and whispers to David that she’s bored. He responds for them to finish the game. Showing her his cards, he says he’s almost winning. She says she wants to go now. David places his cards on the table and tells Ian and Marcus she has an early morning. Ian says it was good to see her and tells they should get together again. The twentysomething woman forces a smile.

David suggests they go to a family restaurant for dinner. He tells her the restaurant gives plenty of food and they’ll have leftovers for the next day. She shakes her head, saying, “ugh.” As they drive, she points to an chain restaurant and says she’d rather eat there. He turns into the center lane. She says they have to get the combo meal. It’s on sale and she’s been seeing the commercials all week. Putting her hand on his knee, she asks for not to get mad. However, she left her credit card at home.

David checks his calendar. On the 5th, he had marked the day for her dad’s surgery. He had taken the time off for work. She needed to be there. According to her, it had to be done. As he sits on the couch, he tells her dad he doesn’t understand hospitals sometimes. They should understand the surgery is urgent. Her father says he had the surgery a month ago and he’s fine now. He nods and says he must’ve gotten it mixed up. She walks into the family room and says she couldn’t get off the phone with the pollster. They just kept asking the same question over and over. He stands up and says he’s not feeling well. She asks if he’ll get home okay. He says he’ll make it home. In the car, he thinks of the stories she’s told her in the past month. None of it was adding up.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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