Video Review: Jazmine Sullivan “Pick Up Your Feelings”

In black-and-white, Jazmine Sullivan stands backstage. As she walks onto the stage, it changes into color. Wearing a white minidress, she sings into the microphone in a club full of empty chairs. A thirtysomething man looks up and exhales smoke while he watches her sing. She stares at him while he leans against a railing. He walks towards her in the aisle. She points to him. He reels backwards. She holds onto the microphone, singing into it as she glares at him.

Rating: 5/5

Jazmine Sullivan flicks her hand as the thirtysomething man talks to her. She ignores him as the pianist goes over the arrangement with her. She side-eyes him as the thirtysomething man approaches her background singers. Crossing her legs on the stool by the bar, she says she’s going to get herself a drink.

As she stands in the bathroom, she brushes lint of her dress and places the glass on the sink. One of her background singers tells her the thirtysomething man just doesn’t get it. Sullivan says he’s an arrogant man. He assumes she’s going to return to him. The second background singer says she thought he didn’t care. Sullivan retorts he didn’t. Shaking her head, she says she’s not to going let it bother her.

The thirtysomething man sits at the table. She tells him their relationship is professional and nothing more. He takes out a contract and tells her she’s violated the terms. Sullivan scoffs and says he’s isn’t getting anything from her. He says for to give it to her lawyer and he’ll see her in court. However, he hope if he prefers it doesn’t get that far. She tucks the paper in her purse and tells him it’ll go in the trash.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2021

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