Video Review: Monica “Why I Love You So Much”

Holding an umbrella, Monica walks her dog past a building in San Francisco, California.  A 16-year-old young man stares at his hands while he walks in his neighborhood. Against a black background, she puts her arms around him.

She sits on top of a table in the Bohemian Cigar Store and Cafe. At night, she and her dog watch the boat sail by on the lake. She rests her head on his shoulder as they stand against the black background. She sits in on a bench in a park. He holds her hand as they sit on the grass. They cuddle together as they take a train ride through the park.

Rating: 4/5

Monica sits at the restaurant and looks over the menu. She thinks she’ll get a pizza for them. The server walks up to the table and asks if she’d like to order. She says she’d like to get the Italian sausage pizza, cooked light. The server walks to the next table as she looks out the window. The 16-year-old young man jogs as he crosses the street. He could see her sipping her soda at the table. She waves to him and he walks inside as the server places the pizza on the table.

While they sit on a blanket in the park, he hands her a gift. She says it’s not a special occasion. He says he wanted to. She tears off the paper and says it’s a lovely necklace. He puts it around her neck and says he loves her. She kisses him and tells him she wants to be with him forever.

The 16-year-old young man parks in a spot in the high school lot. Monica reminds him she has to stay after for a student council meeting. He says he’ll pick her up afterwards and they’ll have dinner at his house. Dancing in her seat, she says it’s meatloaf night. He says his mom is making extra for her to bring home. She hands him a notebook. He says they’ll go over the notes for the test during lunch. They hold hands as they walk to their locker.

Director: Kevin Bray Year: 1996

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