Video Review: Nathan Evans “Wellermen (220 Kid & Billen Ted Remix)”

An animated Nathan Evans stands against a sea green background while royal blue bubbles float by him. Thick pink streaks splash across the background as human Evans points. A chartreuse wave rolls by East as he continues to sing.

Three twentysomething women dance against a pink and red swirling background. A royal blue version of Evans slides by as his human image duplicates. Anchors drop in the background. 220 Kid dance as Billen Ted play their instruments. A large fish swims by the three twentysomething woman as they continue to dance. One of the twentysomething women dances against a lavender pirate ship in the background.

East sings in the center as the heads of Billen Ted and 220 Kid hang in the  swirling blue and green background, with rays of sun attached to them. East, Billen Ted and 220 Kid tilt to the left as they perform. A pirate ship flag waves against a black background.

Rating: 0/5

Nathan Evans taps the wood of the tie-dyed ship and says it was stolen from a wealthy businessmen in the Bahamas. The businessmen had hid in a cabin, holding his gun, awaiting to face off with his great-grandfather. However, his great-grandfather was a seasoned warrior. His great-grandfather took his time while the wealthy businessmen remained in fear. A few of his men lost their lives and his great-grandfather honored him by capturing the wealthy man. One of the twentysomething women says his great-grandfather is a hero and he’s following in his footsteps. East says he is prepared to give up his life for it. His great-grandfather wouldn’t expect anything less.

One of the twentysomething women spots a streak of fire in the sky and buries her head in his shoulder. He tells there’s no reason to be afraid. People know to be afraid of them. She’s safe with them. The ship rocks from a second blast. East grabs his sword and tells the twentysomething women to find shelter in the cabins.

A fortysomething men, with a graying beard, growls and aims his sword at East’s shoulder. East says they do not the harm they have wrought. The fortysomething man gestures for his men to jump onto the board. He tells them to search for gold and gather the ladies. East pokes the fortysomething man with his sword and pulls him into the ground. Blood spurts out the fortysomething man’s shoulder. East tells him it’s his ship and the spirit of his great-grandfather lives within him.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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