Video Review: Justin Bieber “Hold On”

At night, Justin Bieber looks over his shoulder at the police cars as he rides his motorcycle. He rides between two police cars. A police car blocks him at a light and he turns right. He stops as multiple police cars block him at the intersection. A gunshot goes off. Bieber touches his stomach and feels the blood. He glances at the police officer and takes off in his motorcycle.

Lit in a hazy red, he sits on his motorcycle in his driveway. Sometime during the day, he walks into his house. His girlfriend sits at the table. He kisses her as she cries. He talks with his mom at her house. She cries as he paces on the porch.

The doctor takes off his glasses as he talks to Bieber and his girlfriend. They hold hands as they listen to the different treatments for his girlfriend. A tear rolls down her cheek. They lie in bed together. He reads over the medical bills as he sits in the family room. Bottles of prescriptions sit on the nightstand as she sleeps in bed. He sells candles and some tools during a garage sale. Punching the wall of the hospital ward, he puts his head in his hands and sobs.

Lit in golden sunlight, he carries from the bedroom to a blanket on the floor. They lie together and talk. In the garage, he sprays his gun and points it. Taking a deep breath, he puts on his helmet and rides his motorcycle to the bank. He walks inside and waits in line. The sixtysomething woman gestures for him to come over. He hands her a note, which she reads. He pats his gun inside his jacket. She hands him the money and presses the panic button. A security guard runs up to him and he pushes him down. He breaks through the window and gets on his motorcycle. A police car sits by him. He takes off.

He points to the sky as he wheels his girlfriend outside and kisses her bald head as he sits with her in the hospital bed. His mom takes a photo of them standing by the motorcycle in the driveway earlier in the year. After getting shot, he rides his motorcycle to the hospital. He runs into his girlfriend’s room and sleeps beside her. The police stand by the door. His girlfriend caresses his arm as she looks up.

Rating: 5/5

Justin Bieber grips his mom’s hand and tells her that he wants his girlfriend to know she tried. He tried to get the care she needed. He calls out for his girlfriend. His mom fights back tears and tells him she’s okay. She’s back home and waiting for him. He coughs as he struggles to breathe. He says he wants to go home and be with her. His mom brushes the hair away from his face as the heart monitor slows.

His mom drives by their home and turns back onto the main road. It was too soon. She notified both of their jobs and let their managers they had passed. As she sits on the couch in the dark, the doorbell rings. She stares at the multiple vases of flowers on her counter. Some of the roses were wilting. She gets up and changes the water.

She packs a box for his girlfriend’s mom. Her mom was supposed to be there with her. However, she told her she had a doctor’s appointment and errands to run. She runs her hand along the seat of the motorcycle in the garage. In the summer, they had been planning to ride in the city with a group of people. His girlfriend’s mom walks up to her and says she’s sorry. She says motorcycle is relatively new and they could get good money for it. His mom tells her it’s not for sale.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2021

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