Video Review: Kelly Rowland & Big Sean “Lay It On Me”

Wearing a black bodysuit with cutouts, Kelly Rowland leans against a metallic curtain. In a white backless bodysuit, she stretches out on an ivory platform and runs her hand on it. Against a caramel background, she continues to sit on the ivory platform and grips a twentysomething man’s head and he bends towards her. She touches his bare chest.

As Big Sean raps against a chestnut brown background, Rowland plays with a Slinky as she sits in a chair. She lies with several men on the floor. Wearing a bra top and boy shorts, she sits on top of several men while two others cuddle by her against the caramel background.

Back in the white backless bodysuit, she dances with the twentysomething men against a white background. A twentysomething man sits between her legs. She rubs his head as she sits on the ivory platform. In silhouette, a second twentysomething man holds her over his head. Against the caramel background, she presses her heel into the twentysomething man’s back. She rises in the air as the second twentysomething man watches her.

Against the white background, she pets an elephant. She sits on the gold platform while Big Sean sits on the floor by her. The twentysomething man carries a tray of Remy Martin champagne to Big Sean and Rowland. He pours a glass for both of them. Rowland takes a glass. A copper sheet, split into two, covers her breasts and butt, as she stands against the chestnut brown background. She continues to pet the elephant.

Rating: 2.5/5

Kelly Rowland taps her fingers against the counter at the lounge. The bartender tells her one of the twentysomething men has been staring at her all night. Rowland turns around and waves. She sips her drink and says she slept with him last weekend. The bartender leans against the counter and says he spots a few guys she’s talked to before. Cocking her head, she tells him he doesn’t have to be so professional about it. He serves another drink. Rowland says it’s the last one and she’s heading next door.

Her girlfriends laugh as she tells them the second twentysomething guy. She says he was flexible and that he worked out. She searches in her phone for a picture. One of her friends says if she wants to see him again. Rowland says if she runs into him again. A second friend says she’s falling in love. Rowland scoffs and says, “with his body.”

Rowland drinks coffee as she walks into her office. Her assistant informs her she has a meeting in ten minutes. Rowland eyes her assistant up and down. Her assistant blushes. She says she shouldn’t have done it and closes the door of her office. Her head on her desk, she thinks of her assistant sleeping with her. She tells herself to stop. It was work and she had to be on her best behavior.

Director: Sarah Chatfield Year: 2011

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