Video Review: Chris Brown “With You”

Wearing blue and black striped shirt and jeans, Chris Brown leans against a building at night in the city. A bus drives by. A person plays the guitar on the sidewalk. Wearing a hoodie and jeans, he dances by a doctor’s office. A 17-year-old young woman stares at him as she drives.

Brown’s shirt rotates to green and red as he leans against the building. He dances as twentysomething man plays the guitar. Lights flash as he walks onto the bus. A second 17-year-old young woman notices him as he finds a seat. a fortysomething woman holds her dog. A twentysomething man whispers in the ear of a twentysomething woman. Brown gets off the bus and stares a third 17-year-old young woman.

Lights blur as he sits in the middle of the street. A white light carries him up into the air. Wearing his hoodie, he puts his head in his hands as he sits against a building. He looks up as a fourth 17-year-old young woman walks by him. He puts his arm around her and they cuddle.

Rating: 2.5/5

Chris Brown wanders into a store as he walks in the city. The clerk reminds him they close in 15 minutes. He nods and says he’s just looking. Hanging from a display, he sees a t-shirt the fourth 17-year-old woman would like. He thinks of her with the senior football player who was talking with her in the hall. Between classes, he heard the senior football player tell his friend he was going out the fourth 17-year-old young woman. Some of the lights shut off and he walks out of the store. He sits on the bench at the bus stop.

On the bus, a second 17-year-old young woman sits next to him and says he looks familiar. He tells her he doesn’t know her. She says she’d waited him at the diner and says his parents are so nice. They usually order the pork chops and hamburgers. He shakes his head and says they know what they like. Turning his head, he says it’s his stop. She tells him to ask for her the next time he comes in with his family.

The fourth 17-year-old young woman asks him, “what’s wrong” as he sits against the building. His mouth agape, he says he’s just upset about everything and asks her about her date. She hand waves it away, saying the senior football player was nice but that was all. Leaning closer to him, she tells him she thought of him all night. He kisses her on the cheek. They smile at one another.

Directors: Erik White & Chris Brown Year: 2007

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