Video Review: Maroon 5 & Megan Thee Stallion “Beautiful Mistakes”

Adam Levine, with his hands in his pockets, walks down a street in Los Angeles, California. He gets into the pink convertible parked at the curb. As he drives, he puts his finger to his temple. Wearing sports goggle sunglasses, he watches a seagull fly in the sky.

The palm trees fall onto the ground and change their color to aqua. Levine drives on the jade green road. He steers as the car tilts forward and flies towards the bubblegum pink sky. A canary yellow painted mansion catches his eye. He parks on the sequined Hollywood sign and stands on the second L. Royal blue blocks make up the skyscrapers as he flies between them.

He flies within the wings of the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Megan Thee Stallion dances in her fern green convertible as he flips in the air, trying to dodge her. She jumps into Levine’s car and stretches her legs in the backseat. Levine flies through the Randy’s Donuts sign. Megan Thee Stallion waves her donut in the air. The donuts multiple and fill the sky. Levine looks through a donut and flies through the center of others. He stands up in the car and puts his hands on his hips. They toast with their donuts.

Rating: 0/5

Adam Levine deposits his check through the bank’s drive-thru. The teller apologizes for the wait and says she’ll be right back. As he waits, he gazes at the grey sky. Some droplets of rain land on his shoulder. The teller tells him he’s all set. He takes the envelope and puts it in the glove compartment. A jagged streak of lightning flickers. Reaching into the backseat, he finds his sports goggles sunglasses and wears them.

The sun’s rays replace the rain as he drives. A coat of fresh silver paint lightens up the skyscrapers. A cardinal swoops onto the seat and chirps. He puts out his hand and the bird rests on his palm. It tells Levine it’s been a pleasant day and invites him to go to the Grand Canyon over the weekend. He says he’s going to have check with his family.

As he passes by restaurants, he lowers his head as some French fries fly over his head. The owner jumps and catches an order of pot roast. Levine waves to him and the owner says dinner is on him the next time he comes in. Levine puts the car in reverse. He promised his child some donuts. Megan Thee Stallion bumps into him and says she has to refuel her car. He asks her if she’d like some donuts. She says she knows a trick and tells him to ride through the center of it. He tells her that’s crazy. She tells him it’ll be fine and grabs a donut as it rises. Levine drops a few dollars towards the building. She creates multiple donuts and tells him to get them. He finds a box and Stallion puts a dozen in the box. She receives a message on her phone and says it’s her stop. Her car’s ready. He says it was nice meeting her as she drops to the ground.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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