Video Review: Drake “What’s Next”

A sports car speeds on the icy runway in Toronto, Canada. Several people, wearing puffer jackets and earmuffs, watch as the car heads towards a sitting plane. Drake stands in the CN Tower. He walks in a parking lot as it snows. A twentysomething woman swims in a pool.

He sits in the backseat of the sports car as it slides on the runway. Outside the Eaton Centre, he lets his jacket slip to his elbows. He and his friend ride the subway. Snow sprays Drake as he hangs outside the window of a car as it drives in the city. He walks past the fish in the aquarium. His friends stand behind Drake as he dances in his home. One friend lights a cigarette. A second friend rubs his hands together.

Rating: 3.5/5

Drake puts his hands on the seat as the car skids on the runway. He breathes hard as he stares at the wing of the plane by his window. The car turns as Drake tells it to stop. He climbs onto the front seat and puts his foot on the brake. A few twentysomething women hold onto the car. Drake gets out of the car and says he just needs a minute.

While he walks downtown, he texts one of his friends. He had been able to into a few stores. However, he hadn’t been able to stay long. He views the billboards and advertisements for sales. A friend of his walks out of the restaurant with carryout. As they sit in the subway, they eat and talk. Drake comments he figured at least a few people might people on the subway. He just wants to see people.

Drake moves his arms as he plays a video game with his friends. One of his friends says he’s going to get beat. Drake tells him he’s going to win. He can see it. His friend exclaims, “Ooh!” as Drake reaches the finish line. Drake asks him if he wants some more vodka. His friend says yes. They clink their beer glasses together and play another game.

Director: Theo Skudra Year: 2021

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