Video Review: Madonna “Borderline”

Madonna dances with an 8-year-old boy in downtown Los Angeles, California as some of her friends clap. She and her boyfriend (Louie Louie) dance together in a parking lot. A twentysomething man break dances on the sidewalk as she dances. A thirtysomething man, holding his camera, gives her his business card. Her boyfriend walks up to them and tells the thirtysomething man to go.  She drives away with the thirtysomething man.

In black-and-white, Madonna, drops a ball in the storage area. Back in color, she climbs the ladder to the rooftop with her boyfriend. They kiss. In black-and-white, she dances by the columns and statutes as the thirtysomething man takes her picture. Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress, she sips wine and looks at the photos with the thirtysomething man. She kisses him.

Back in color, she makes a phone call in the telephone booth. She talks with some of her friends on the sidewalk. Her boyfriend, carrying a pool cue, walks out of the bar and leans against a pole. She leans in to kiss and he pulls away. He and their friends walk into the bar as she kicks the pole. She watches him as he plays pool. Her boyfriend walks past a newsstand and picks up Gloss Magazine, which features her on the cover. He sits on the fire escape and stares at it.

In black-and-white, she sits on the hood of the car and drinks water in the storage area. The thirtysomething man tells her to wear a hat and she shakes her head, “no.” However, as she spray paints a heart on the wall, she wears the hat. He stands on the stairs and tells her to stop as she spray paints the column and his car. Back in color, she walks with her friends to the bar. Her boyfriend teaches her how to play pool.

Rating: 5/5

Madonna links her arm with the thirtysomething man’s as they walk into a party. A thirtysomething woman kisses him on both cheeks and asks if she’s his new protégé. He beams at her as he answers, “yes.” The thirtysomething woman says she knows a few photographers who would like to take her photo. The thirtysomething man tells her not to get carried away. Madonna grins and says she’d like to be introduced to them.

She and thirtysomething man drive in downtown Los Angeles. While she stares at her friends talking on the sidewalk at the bar, he pats her on the hand, saying “it’s good she got away.” She nods as she and her now ex-boyfriend stare at one another.

The second thirtysomething man tells her she’s beautiful as he takes her picture in the studio. She plays with the confetti. His knee cracks as he kneels on the floor. She sits by him, her hand underneath her chin. He leans in to kiss her and she pushes him away, saying she’s with the thirtysomething man. The second thirtysomething shrugs and it’s not a big deal. She throws her hat at him and walks away. At the phone booth, she calls one of her friends to pick her up. Her friend pulls up to the curb, with her now ex-boyfriend in the backseat. She smiles at him and tells him, “hello.” He grunts “hello” and tells their friend they should head back to the party.

Director: Mary Lambert Year: 1984

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