Video Review: Cher Lloyd & Becky G “Oath”

A chalkboard sign with “Detention” written on it Headphones around her neck, Cher Lloyd taps her pencil on her notebook during detention. A 17-year-old young man yawns as he sits at the desk in the back. A second 17-year-old young man and woman talk in the back row. The 16-year-old young man, sitting next to her, writes in his notebook.

Wearing a bikini, she sits on the hood of a sports car. A third 17-year-old young woman passes a note to the person in front of her. Lloyd watches the clock. Around 3:30 p.m., she and her classmates walk out of the room. Wearing a Sass & Bide bustier and a Nasty Gal skirt, she dances against a crimson background. Becky G dances by some royal blue painted lockers.

Lloyd and her friends talk in the parking lot and get in their cars. Two 7-year-old girls’ jaws drop as Lloyd and her friends walk into the laundromat. Lloyd watches a fortysomething man play Just Dance 4. Lloyd flicks him out of his spot and plays the game on the Nintendo Wii with G. Some of their friends push a cart past them. Two 18-year-old men check out Lloyd and her friends as they walk in the parking lot. A 18-year-old woman yells at an 18-year-old man for watching them dance.

Lloyd puts on her sunglasses as she rides with some of her friends in a Jeep. One friend carries a cooler as they run down the hill to the beach. A few of her friends wave their blankets and jump. As the sun sets, she walks to the shore by herself.

Rating: 4/5

Becky G compliments Cher Lloyd’s outfit. Lloyd smiles at her. G says she wishes she had her style. However, she couldn’t pull off a short skirt. Lloyd nods and says she’s absolutely right. G walks with her Lloyd and her friends as they walk in the hall. G mentions to Lloyd she’s working at the laundromat today and she should stop by. Lloyd says she and her friends might do it.

Lloyd texts her friends during class to bring their laundry. They are getting it done for free. Her friends say they’ll go home next period and fill up. She laughs at a photo in her class. Her teacher looks up and asks her what’s funny. She places her phone facedown on the desk and says, “nothing.” The teacher reaches for her phone. Lloyd tells her “no” and curses at her. Her teacher writes her name under “detention” on the board.

Becky G leaves the register as Lloyd and her friends walk in. G hands Lloyd and her friends some quarters. Lloyd chirps, “thank you” and places them in the machine. G asks her about her history class. Lloyd says to her, “don’t you have to work?” G says she can get away with talking to everyone a little longer. G says she can meet them at the beach later. Lloyd says they aren’t staying long. G replies, “oh” and comments, “it would’ve been fun.” Lloyd retorts, “it would be.” A seventysomething man bangs on the counter. G says she’ll be right there and shrugs at Lloyd. Lloyd rolls her eyes as G walks to the register.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2012

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