Video Review: Giveon “Heartbreak Anniversary”

Giveon leans against the car as the train rides on the tracks. A twentysomething woman (Samantha Logan) sits in the passenger seat, staring at him. In black-and-white, she puts her head on his chest as they stand in the family room. Back in color, he gets back into the car and heads for the main road. She covers her mouth with her hand and looks out the window.

He sits in a chair and watches the teal curtains move with the wind. Back in black-and-white, they chase each other around the house. In color, he pulls into the driveway and she rushes out, reaching the porch as he closes the door. He presses his ear against the wall as she packs. They argue in the family room. She cries on the couch and he walks to his car.

He drives in the neighborhood. She sits on the bed as he talks to her. He turns into a parking lot at night and stops. Back at home, he stands by the bedroom and in the hallway. In the parking lot, he sits on the hood of his car.

Rating: 3.5/5

Giveon cleans the dishes. A second twentysomething woman places the silverware in the drawer. She puts the towel on the counter and wraps her arms around his waist. He turns to her and smiles. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and tells him she’ll be in bed, waiting for him.

As he empties the dishpan, he notices the date on the calendar. Two years ago, he and the twentysomething woman broke up. He had picked her up to get dinner. She told him she wasn’t hungry. He suggested going back to his house. She told him she needed space. He had stopped by the train tracks and stood there for about ten minutes, watching the train go by. He drove her back home and tried to get her to talk. She avoided his gaze.

Giveon takes off his shirt as he walks in the hallway and leans against the closet. He runs his fingers on his temple and stares at the floor. The second twentysomething woman calls out for him. He walks into the bedroom and stands by the bed. She crawls towards him and tells him he’s a wonderful man.

Director: Salomon Lighthelm Year: 2021

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