Video Review: Dustin Lynch & MacKenzie Porter “Thinking ‘Bout You”

Dustin Lynch sits on the couch and watches television in his home in the evening. MacKenzie Porter drives her car at night and parks it on the curb. She makes a phone call in the telephone booth, her car’s headlights shining on her.

Lynch answers the phone and talks with Porter. He holds his drink and places it back on the table. Leaning against the wall, he continues to talk to her. In the afternoon, they stare at one another while she drives. He walks around his apartment as he talks with her. She places her hand on the glass window. Lynch holds her hand as she drives at night. She hangs up the phone. He puts his hands in his pocket and glances at the wall.

Rating: 3/5

Dustin Lynch straightens the books on the table. He takes out one of the books and places it in a drawer. MacKenzie Porter would get the wrong idea. His phone dings and he answers. Porter calls to clarify directions. He tells her she’s close and to make a right at the light. She tells him she’s by the light and will see him soon.

Porter hugs him as he lets her inside her home. They stare into one another’s eyes for a minute. She asks him if she’ should take her boots off. It was a rule a long time ago. He hand waves it and tells her it’s her choice. She says she’s going to go, just for old time’s sake. He asks her, “I was really that obsessed?” She says he had just bought his house and didn’t want anything on the carpet. He responds that he had to replace it a year later. He and his then-girlfriend’s dog had chewed into it. She cringes and says, “oh my God!” He nods his head and says he had to stop letting it bother him.

He stands up, asking her if she’d like another glass of wine. She shakes her head “no,” and that she doesn’t trust herself with more. He says there he won’t let any drunken antics happen in his house. Turning around, he asks, “have there been drunken antics?” She nods, saying, “it resulted in a short marriage.” He exclaims, “wow” and sits down. She says it’s a story for another time. He leans in to kiss her. She says they can’t. He says it won’t be like last time. She kisses him and tells him she has to go. He sits on the couch and runs his hand through his hair, as he watches her leave.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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