Video Review: Babyface “Rock Bottom”

Filmed through a russet filter, Babyface places his hand on the door wall in a bar. He dances by two tables and sits in a chair near the dartboard. Some of his friends talk in the corner as he taps his foot.

He dances in his seat as his friends play their instruments next to him. Placing two fingers on both sides of his head, Babyface sings into the microphone. He and his friends share a laugh as they perform. As he walks, he kicks a chair. He spins in the door wall.

Rating: 4/5

Babyface stands behind the bar and says they can display their stock. Pointing to the corner, he says they’ll have live music and maybe sell some food. It could have a jazz theme. One of his friends says he has some posters he could hang up. A second friend he loan him his music library of jazz music to play. Babyface says the bar could be an fantastic place. It was until five years ago.

Babyface hangs up the phone and lets out a groan. Getting the liquor license was trickier than he thought. He simply didn’t have the funds for it. Most of the his money was going towards renovations. The bar wasn’t up to code. He wanted to sell the property. Perhaps someone else would be able to make a go of it.

One of his friends listens to cassette tapes and contacts a group about performing. His friend says they have acts lined up. Babyface signs a check to his friend. His friend tells him he won’t accept it. It’s his risk, too. Babyface tells him he got the loan. He owes him. A second friend stocks the bar. Babyface shows the photographer from the news paper around  the bar. The photographer asks him and his friends to stand by the bar. He smiles in the photo and invites the photographer to the opening. The photographer says he’ll bring some friends. Babyface waves goodbye and takes a look around at his bar.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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