Video Review: Lana Del Rey “White Dress”

Lana Del Rey roller skates along the mountainous road in Joshua Tree, California. Two dogs bark in the backyard. A couple of cars drive on the road. She sits in her car, sling across her arm. In black-and-white, she skates in the parking lot of a restaurant. Back in color, she sits on a chair on a porch of her trailer.

A skull flag waves in the air. She and a friend skate on top of her boat. Del Rey, her friend and a twentysomething woman carry plates out of the Hicksville Trailer Palace restaurant and serve food to their friends. As the sun sets, she continues to skate by a picnic table and sits down. She twirls around the fire pit in her skates.

Rating: 5/5

Lana Del Rey scrambles eggs in the communal kitchen. A fortysomething woman, who was in the trailer next to her, tells her breakfast looks good. Del Rey says she can make her some. The fortysomething woman offers to help. Del Rey gestures with her elbow towards the plates. The fortysomething woman holds up the plates as Del Rey slides the eggs on them.

A thirtysomething woman skates by her and shouts for Del Rey to join her and her friends. She says she doesn’t know. The thirtysomething woman hands her a pair of roller skates. Del Rey laces up the skates and follows them around the campground. She breaks from the group and skates on the road. No one was near and it was as though she could compose stanzas in her head again. As she raises her arms over her head, she builds upon a stanza. The tip of her skate topples over a rock. Her arm breaks her fall. She texts the fortysomething woman.

Her arm in a cast, she returns to her trailer. The fortysomething woman says she got banged up pretty good. Del Rey says she’s okay, just a little sore. She types on her phone as the group of people talk at the fire pit.  A twentysomething woman and her friend take selfies on their phone. The thirtysomething woman roasts marshmallows. The fortysomething woman talks with her child. She tells the people good night. Perhaps she’ll talk to them again. Maybe not. It was the life she was used to.

Director: Constellation Jones Year: 2021

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