Video Review: Danity Kane & Missy Elliott “Bad Girl”

Wearing black outfits, Aundrea, Aubrey, Shannon, D. Woods and Dawn dance in the cave. Within a moving comic panel, it reads: “deep in Gotham City..” As Aubrey sits at a table in the interrogation room, a police officer passes by her. She touches his cheek and pushes him away from her.

In another panel, it reads: “meanwhile across town…” D Woods dances for a twentysomething woman in the club. Back at the police station, the police officer kisses Aubrey. She puts handcuffs on him. D Woods pulls the twentysomething man off the table and grins.

A panel reads, “hidden deep in Dr. Q’s lab…” Dawn scratches against the pole as she stands strapped against it. In another panel, a second twentysomething man touches Aundrea while her hands are chained. She gets loose and punches out the second twentysomething man. In another panel, it reads: “just then a voice breaks thru…” Missy Elliott dances by the fuses. She joins Aubrey, Dawn, D. Woods. Shannon and Aundrea in their dance routine. Dawn shoves the Dr. Q against the wall.

Within a panel, Shannon rides a motorcycle. In the tunnel, she turns to see who is following her. Another square pops up as a third twentysomething man rides a motorcycle behind her. She hits his face with her leg. They continue to dance in the cave with Elliott.

Rating: 5/5

Dr. Q places his pointer on Dawn’s chest and says he’ll have his way with her yet. Dawn raises her eyebrow, replying “promise?” Q places his hand on her shoulders, saying he expected her to resist him. He adds that perhaps she’s not so good after all. She says she has a plan but needs him. He turns his back and she slices through the straps. She throws him against the wall and sedates him.

D. Woods dances for the twentysomething man. The twentysomething man stutters as he tells her she’s beautiful. His boss, Dr. Q wants to destroy her and her friends. She puts her finger underneath his chin and says he shouldn’t be mixed up with Q. He shrugs and says he helped him get a job. It was the least he could do. She pulls him over the table. While he lays unconscious, she sneaks out of work.

Aubrey puts her hands on the table and says she won’t talk. The police officer says she has two choices: jail or dealing with him. Aubrey stares at him and says she’ll take her chances with him. He leans in close to her and says she should be afraid. She kisses him and says, “Q isn’t running the town anymore.” The police officer says they have to stop. She takes him by the hand and tells him he’s better than the corruption in city. He grabs his jacket and says he’ll drop her off. She asks for Q’s location first. He says he can’t give out confidential information during an investigation. She kisses him and he gives her the address. As they get in the car, she handcuffs him to the seat and says for him to tell her where to go. “Don’t you trust me,” he implores. “Not in the least,” she responds while she turns out of the parking lot.

Director: Erik White Year: 2008

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