Video Review: Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar & Giveon “Peaches”

Lit in scarlet red, Justin Bieber sits in the passenger seat of the car, banging his head as he sings. Daniel Caesar drives the car in Las Vegas, Nevada while Giveon sits on top of the car, staring at the night sky. Bieber dances by two Peaches signs on the floor, as the lights rotate from citrus orange and teal in a hallway.

Bieber drives the car in the neon-lit city as Caesar sits in the backseat. He switches to the backseat and the hood of the car. Caesar and Giveon join Bieber as they dance by two Peaches signs on the floor. Bieber looks up at Giveon sitting on top of the car. Giveon takes a turn driving.

Wearing a coral jacket, pants and headband with a white shirt underneath, Bieber dances by a glittering gold star in a white dome. Caesar and Giveon sing in the dome with Bieber. Bieber dances by himself as the lights change to rose pink within the dome.

Rating: 1/5

Justin Bieber declines the champagne given to him by the server. Daniel Caesar says he’ll take it and rolls the dice on the craps board. Bieber runs his hands together and blows on the dice. The dealer calls out Bieber’s number. Bieber gathers his chips and says they should quit while they are ahead. Caesar puts a chip in the slot. Bieber prays to God for Caesar to win something. Giveon helps Caesar scoop up his chips as they spill out of the machine. Bieber declares that God is good.

Giveon watches the golf ball sail in the air and hands his club to the caddy. Another caddy rushes to mark the ball. Bieber hits the ball. It bounces along the green. Caesar plays next. His ball clips the mountain and rolls onto the green. Bieber tells him it was quite a shot. Giveon asks for the score. The caddy says Giveon is in the lead.

Wearing a coral suit, Bieber drinks a peach fizz while he talks with his wife. Giveon and Caesar wave hello to her. Bieber explains Giveon beat them at a game of golf and says they got their hotel room upgraded. He sends her pictures of the suite. She says they are having a lot fun on their boys’ weekend. He tells her goodnight. Giveon says they should go to theater and find their seats. Bieber finishes his drink and leaves a tip. Caesar takes a picture with the server.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2021

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