Video Review: Kandi “Cheatin’ On Me”

A pair of high heels sit on a table. Kandi shakes her head as leaves fall in the backyard of her home. A twentysomething woman sleeps with a twentysomething in Kandi’s home. A 7-year-old boy rides his bicycle on the sidewalk as she carries bags to the door. Her seventysomething neighbor waves to her as he waters the lawn. An 8-year-old girl plays hopscotch.

Kandi walks into her home and drops one of her bags. The twentysomething woman separates from the twentysomething man. He splashes water on his face as she puts on her clothes. The twentysomething man runs downstairs and takes Kandi’s arm. He leads back down the stairs.

Kandi and her friends dance in the backyard. She walks into her house, carrying bags again. However, she calls him on the phone. He answers and the twentysomething woman looks up as she lies on his chest. She finds the top of a wine bottle and walks up stairs as they get dressed. He holds Kandi as she stands by the bedroom door. They go back downstairs.

Kandi and the twentysomething move in reverse. Her friends join her as she carries the bags inside her home. One of her friends calls the phone as the twentysomething man sleeps with the twentysomething woman. Kandi walks into the bedroom and sees them. She hits the twentysomething man with a pillow. She leaves with her friends.

Rating: 5/5

Kandi talks with the realtor. The realtor says it’s a beautiful home and asks if there had been any renovations. She walks with the realtor to the kitchen. As she explains the improvements they made, she tells the realtor she’d have to talk to the twentysomething about the electrical. The realtor says she’ll contact him. Kandi says she can’t bear to call him. The realtor assures her she’ll handle everything.

The twentysomething man knocks on the door of her apartment. Kandi opens the door and tells him to please leave. He says he’s sorry. She slams the door and turns on the television as he asks her to please talk. In the morning, she pushes on the doorknob. Sighing, she reminds herself to call the landlord about the door. After several tries, she opens the door and sees the twentysomething lying in the hallway. She shakes her head at him and walks to the elevator.

Kandi holds hands with a second twentysomething man. He says he’d like her to move in with him. She tells she appreciates the offer. However, she’s just not ready. He says he understands and tells her he was thinking about. She says she wants to go slow and explains she’s still recovering from her last relationship. As they sit on a park bench, he says they have a lot of time. She squeezes his hand.

Director: N/A Year: 2001

Cheatin’ On Me

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