Video Review: Kenny Chesney “Knowing You”

Kenny Chesney walks on the pier in Gloucester, Massachusetts as the fog covers the ocean. The lighthouse rotates its yellow light. He plays guitar in a bar. On the Orion boat, he runs the the rope with the crew.

A fortysomething woman adjusts the sail on the boat in the Virgin Islands. He flicks the top of her hat as they sit and they laugh. They float on a boat in the sea. Back in Gloucester, he puts the radio in its spot over the wheel. Water splashes him. He places fish in the water. In the Virgin Islands, the fortysomething woman kisses him as he lies on a blanket. He brushes some of her hair over her shoulders as she lies on top of him. She dives into the ocean.

He and the fortysomething woman clink glasses as they sit on the beach. She listens as he strums his guitar. As they talk, she takes off her skull necklace and puts it around his neck as they sit at the table. Back in Gloucester, he opens his palm and looks at the skull necklace. In Gloucester, she sits in a hammock while he sits beside her. They cuddle on the beach and hold hands as they sit at the table on the boat.

Rating: 5/5

Kenny Chesney and some members of the crew raise the net. One of the crew members comments they may make national news with the haul. Chesney exclaims, “wow!” at the lobsters and shrimp. A second crew member says the local restaurants are going to like their shipments. He and a few crew members sort through the lobsters and place them in a pool of water. A third crew member checks the weather and says a storm is coming through. They need to get home.

Chesney eats from his can of beans. A second crew member laughs as he talks to his girlfriend. He tells Chesney she’s anxious for him to come home. Chesney says he and his wife worries. He swallows and corrects himself, saying “worried. She usually stayed up, waiting for me.” The second crew member says he’s sorry. Chesney shakes his head and says it’s been awhile.

He flips through the mail and sees the tickets for the Virgin Islands. They had planned to go back after their trip last year. He’ll have to call the airline and cancel. Although he remembered  the trip, he thought it was still months away. However, after she passed, he preferred not to think about whatever their plans were. He takes a pot and opens a can of soup. As he stirs it with a spoon, he looks out the window and watches a squirrel run on the electrical wire.

Director: Shaun Silva Year: 2021

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