Video Review: Kali Uchis “Telepatía”

Kali Uchis carries a bouquet of flowers from the florist in Pereira, Colombia. The florist looks through the bars as two children by on the sidewalk. Uchis glances over her shoulder as two twentysomething men gawk at her in their truck, stopping traffic. She ruffles her hair as she walks on the street.

Wearing a red gown, she swings the microphone as she performs against a moon background. She lies on the floor, touching her forehead. While she sings, lightning strikes in the background. She walks with her bike, passing by a 5-year-old girl, sitting on the porch with her grandparent. Riding her bike through a neighborhood, she looks up at the sky.

A second twentysomething man puts his screwdriver on the pavement as he stands up and watches Uchis walk on the street. A cat walks on the sidewalk as the second twentysomething stands at his car, continuing to look at her. He holds his stomach as he jogs on the path and finds her on the swing. She blows a kiss as she performs against the moon background.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kali Uchis pulls up to her parents’ house. Her mom gives her a hug and says she didn’t expect so soon. She says her flight got in early. Her dad tells her they are going to have to see the Jardín Botánico while she’s in town. She puts her hand on her heart and says she missed going there.

She asks the florist about the assortment. The florist says she has carnations. Uchis tells her she’ll take one. The florist says it’s good to see her. Uchis tells her she took the first chance she had to come back. The florist tells her to say hi for her parents.

Several men stare at her as she walks by. One of them looked familiar. She may have gone to school with them. She asks them their names. As they say their names, she nods and says she remembers both of them. One of the twentysomething man says, “you know who I am?” She smiles and says, they used to talk in class. They talk about their teachers. Her phone rings and says it was nice talking to them but she has to go. They say it’s fine and thank her taking the time to talk to them. She tells her dad she’s on her way home now.

Director: Kali Uchis Year: 2021

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