Video Review: Take That “Sure”

Mark, Robbie, Howard, Gary and Jason wave and say “bye” at the door of their friend’s home. They bend down towards Emily, an 8-year-old girl. Mark asks her, “are you ready for bed now?” She crosses her arms across her chest and tells him, “no.” They cringe.

Gary, dangles a pencil in his mouth while plays the piano. Emily sits at the kitchen table. Mark tells her she has to have something to eat. The phone rings as she shakes the sugar out of the container. Mark answers the phone and stirs the pot of spaghetti. Gary calls out “something’s burning!” Mark exclaims, “ooh!” while he watches Emily pour the sugar. He tells her, “you’ve to eat some food before you go to bed.” He wipes her mouth. As she eats, he asks her, “do you want something to drink.” She answers, “no.” Jason dances in front of the mirror.

Emily takes her food off the plate and puts it on the table as Mark makes a drink. Gary, turning to Jason, says, “is that good or what?” Mark sees the food on the table and tells her, “you do this to me on purpose” and cleans it up. Gary plays a notes, telling Jason, “you”ll like this one. It’s romantic.” Howard listens to music on his headphones. Mark answers the phone again and smiles. He asks the person on the other end, “you okay?” Robbie scowls as he opens the door with groceries in his arms. Mark hangs up the phone, saying, “there’s food on the table.” Robbie calls out, “I’m home” He stomps his foot and walks into the family saying, “I was walking through the grocery market. People are shoving me, pushing me” and continues to ask for, “Marky, Marky.”

Mark sits at the kitchen table and asks Emily over and over, if she wants to go to bed. She answers “no” each time. Howard bites into pickle as he talks on the phone, saying “everyone’s getting here about half to eight.” Looking at the floor, Robbie says, “I’m dragging something along the ground and I don’t know what it is. Marky?” Jason takes eats some spaghetti and says, “that’s disgusting.” As Mark tucks Emily into bed, she says, “but I’m not tired.” He says, “you must be tired” and kisses her on the forehead. Robbie looks out the window and says, “Marky! Marky! They’re here!”

A group of twentysomething people stand in the door. Mark, Gary, Robbie, Howard and Jason dance against a midnight blue background. A twentysomething woman hugs Robbie. Gary plays the piano during the party. Robbie takes off his shirt. A second twentysomething woman stares at Gary. A third twentysomething woman leans against the mirror. A second group of twentysomething people walk inside the home. A fourth twentysomething hangs back and leans against the wall by herself.

A twentysomething man and woman make out in the bathtub. Howard dances as a ball gets tossed around in the family room. The fourth twentysomething woman pulls a second twentysomething man to her and kisses him. The second twentysomething woman kisses Mark. The twentysomething people leave the house. The fourth twentysomething stumbles and passes out by the kitchen table. Emily peeks out from the curtain and steps over Robbie as she walks in the family room.

Rating: 2/5

Emily reaches for the liquor bottle on the table. She puts two scoops of ice cream in a bowl and drowns it in chocolate syrup. She carries the liquor bottle and bowl of ice cream to the family room. The fourth twentysomething woman groans as she rolls over.

She looks through her parents’ collection of movies and chooses an R-rated film. As she sits on the couch, she repeats the swear words back at the television. Mark lifts his head up at the voices. Emily burps as Mark’s eyes widen. He runs over to the family room and turns off the television. She says she doesn’t feel so good.

Robbie curses at the broken glass. Mark shushes him and helps him pick it up. Howard checks on Emily and whispers she’s still asleep. Mark says they still have a few more days. The phone rings and he rushes to get it. He chirps “hello!” to his aunt. His aunt asks about Emily. He says she’s fine but a little under the weather. His aunt tells him there has been a change of plans. They’re coming home tonight. His uncle is sick, too. Mark says “okay. See you tonight.” Robbie mouths “No! no!” and hits the couch as he leaves for the store. Howard sorts through the vinyl collection and hangs his head. An album was missing. But he couldn’t remember which one it was. Gary cleans the kitchen floor and says they are going to have to go the grocery store again. Mark opens the refrigerator and starts a list.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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