Video Review: Dino “I Like It”

Dino turns around on stage and sings. He raises his arm up in the air and stares at the floor while the band plays. Lit in lavender, several twentysomething women. In royal blue, he raises his arm in silhouette as he stands by some towers.

A group of three twentysomething men talk on the sidewalk. Wearing sunglasses, he shakes his head as he dances against a white background. Several people dance in silhouette backwards on the ceiling. The three twentysomething dance on the sidewalk.

A twentysomething woman runs into Dino’s arms as he sits in a chair in the family room. She pulls up his tank top. Against the white background, the people dance behind him on the floor while he stands up front. Within a film reel, Dino wears sunglasses and continues to nod his head while lit in lavender. Several people dance in silhouette within the three squares.

The twentysomething woman puts a hand on his chest as they stand together in the bedroom. The three twentysomething woman dance with him by the towers. People dance in the club as he performs. The twentysomething woman pushes him on the bed. He stands by the wall as she throws off her hat and puts on sunglasses. She laughs, takes off her jacket and dances. Turning around, she walks over to him as he leans against the wall. Dino raises his arm again as he stands by the towers.

Rating: 2/5

Dino winks at a twentysomething woman. She blushes and smiles at him. Dino smirks as he taps the microphone. He had seen her before at some radio event. However, he had seen and flirted with so many women it was hard to keep track. He points to the twentysomething woman as he rehearses. She puts a hand on her heart.

He opens the cooler in the dressing room and offers the twentysomething a beer or soda. She says a soda is fine. He opens the can and hands it to her. She tells him he’s so nice. He says he knows her and they’ve met. She sips her drink, saying, “really?” He says it was some mall in the city. She wanted to get free tickets. The twentysomething woman says she’s been following his career and tells him he’s done well for himself. He asks her if she wants to hang out after the show.

Dino orders a drink at the bar. Two twentysomething woman surround him at the counter. They tell him he’s handsome. He invites them into his dressing room. One of the twentysomething women says his friend from DC says hi. Dino gives her a knowing smile. Crossing his arms against his chest, he says the friend no longer exits. She leans in and kisses him. The twentysomething walks in and bursts out crying. The second twentysomething woman tells her to grow up. Dino says he’ll talk to her later and returns to kissing the second twentysomething woman.

Director: Jim Hershleder Year: 1989

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