Video Review: After 7 “Til You Do Me Right”

Lit in golden light, black-and-white clouds move through a twentysomething woman’s eye. A fire burns as Melvin, Kevon and Mitchell sing in a mansion. The twentysomething woman’s face disappears within the clouds.

The twentysomething woman swings inside the mansion. Mitchell, who is projected onto the wall, watches her. She continues to swing outside. A fire burns in the black-and-white as she walks in the hallway. Rotating to black-and-white, Melvin, Kevon and Mitchell sing in the mansion. Back in golden light, they continue to sing. In silhouette, she walks down the hallway as the windows burn.

Melvin, Kevon and Mitchell each stand by the swing inside the mansion. Mitchell, wearing a suit, walks around the mansion. Wearing a black mesh outfit, the twentysomething woman leans against a tree in the backyard. She walks  by the tree. Melvin, Kevon and Mitchell sit on the lawn. The twentysomething woman appears within the windows as they perform in the hallway. Melvin holds tulips as he bends down on the lawn. The twentysomething woman, within the window, looks into the hallway.

Rating: 2/5

Melvin gasps for air and gestures to Kevon and Mitchell for help. Kevon and Mitchell chant “make it undone” several times. Melvin, his hand on his chest, leans forward and takes a deep breath. Kevon says it was so close. Mitchell says she’s getting smarter. Melvin says he was grateful they were around. Kevon shushes him and tells him not to say anything. The twentysomething woman was within the walls of their home. She knew every word they said.

The twentysomething woman cackles as she stirs a potion in the pot on the stove. She sprinkles in some spices and hums over it. A second twentysomething woman tells her it “smells good.” The twentysomething woman says it’s a new recipe. She runs over for a taste and sticks her finger in the pot. The twentysomething woman says it’s really powerful. The second twentysomething woman grabs a spoon and says she wants more. The twentysomething woman backs away and lets her scoop into it a bowl. It was a twist but it could have a significant impact.

The second twentysomething woman walks back into the store and says she just met Kevon, who is the nicest man. She’s already in love with him. The twentysomething woman sips her tea and says Kevon is quite the charmer. She says she knows it’s going to be a fairytale. In her pocket, she takes out a knife and says, “Kevon will only be hers.” The twentysomething woman pats the seat next to her on the couch and tells her there was plenty of time for that. The second twentysomething pouts as she sits next to her and says it’d be the perfect wedding. The twentysomething woman pats her shoulder and says she knows.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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