Video Review: Joel Corry, Raye & David Guetta “Bed”

During an infomercial, Joel Corry and Raye talk about Perfect Partner. A graphic on the left side of the screen advertise it as “our most developed matchmaking AI technology yet” and states their 30-day return policy.

A twentysomething sits in her bed, eating popcorn and listens as they talk about the updates, which include “Joel and Raye can perform a number of domestic tasks for you..”  Robot Raye stands with holding a cup. A second twentysomething woman smiles as she stands next to Robot Joel. Robot David Guetta stares.

Technicians construct Robots Raye and Joel in the factory. A twentysomething man, watching television on his couch, buys Robot Raye on the website. Raye and Joel walk through the factory and supervise their workers. Some people load the robots and head to the delivery trucks.

The twentysomething woman signs for her Robot Joel. She unwraps him in her family room and turns him on with the remote. He talks to her and she jumps up and down. The second twentysomething man reads the instruction manual for Robot Raye and looks at her in the family room. Robot Joel dusts the wall and bakes for the twentysomething woman. Robot Raye makes a cup of tea for the twentysomething man and sits with him on the couch.

Lit in aqua, the twentysomething man walks arm-in-arm with Robot Raye into the club. He talks to her at a table. The twentysomething woman smiles as she rests her head on Robot Joel’s head while they snuggle in bed. She tries to start a pillow fight and waves her hand in front of his face. The twentysomething woman holds hand on the sidewalk with Robot Joel. A second twentysomething woman smiles at her as she walks with her Robot Joel. The twentysomething man smiles and kisses Robot Raye in a photo booth. He bumps into the twentysomething woman and picks up her purse for her. They talk as Robot Raye and Joel stare at one another. The twentysomething man and woman sit in bed together, watching television. He kisses her as she reads. She puts her book on the nightstand as he shuts off Robots Joel and Raye in the closet.

Rating: 5/5

The twentysomething woman searches through the drawers of remotes. Some of them were from old DVD players and stereos. She presses one. Robot Joel calls out “hello!” He asks her “why am I in here? Why are we not together?” She tries to shut it off. However, Robot Joel taps on the door and asks her to come out.

She opens the door and he puts his hand on her cheeks. He says there have been updates and there have been improvements made to his system. As he demonstrates a tutorial, she touches his shoulder and searches for an off-button. Robot Joel kisses her and says he’ll bake petit fours for her. She walks behind and lifts up his shirt. He tells her it feels nice. However, she’ll determine further settings.

The twentysomething man puts his laptop on the couch and hears two voices. He asks the twentysomething womna if she’s okay. She says she’s baking with (Robot) Joel. He storms into the kitchen and tells Robot Joel he has to shut down. Robot Joel says he requires two-step verification. The twentysomething woman says she accidently pressed the remote and she can’t get him to shut off. She tells him nothing is going on and asks Robot Joel to clarify. Robot Joel says she hasn’t loved him in a long time. It’s his first restart in four years. The twentysomething man says he’ll call customer service and get it straightened out. The twentysomething woman tells Robot Joel it may not have worked out. However, he’s a good friend. Robot Joel says they should hang out again. She puts her hand on his shoulder and says it’s a possibility.

Director: Elliot Simpson Year: 2021

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