Video Review: A1 & J1 “Latest Trends”

A1 opens his eyes as he sleeps in bed and declines a call on his cell phone. Shaking his head, he gets up and walks around in his room. Outside the apartment building, his friends chase each other with water blasters while he hangs out on the steps.

A fiftysomething and twentysomething man clap while a fiftysomething woman taps her coffee cup as he talks to a thirtysomething woman on the sidewalk. She gestures for him to go away and he walks back to his friends. A1 and J1 ride scooters in the street.

A1 stands in his room while a second version of himself speeds through, cleaning up. He sits on his bed, watching a video on his phone. J1 sits at his desk and talks on his phone. The thirtysomething side-eyes J1 as he talks to her.  Lit in hunter green, A1, J1 and their friends dance in a kitchen. J1 leans against the counter, typing on his phone. Two of their friends record them rapping in the kitchen on their phones. The video gets uploaded online. Jacobjones867 comments “drop this so hard.”

Rating: 3.5/5

A1 turns off his webcam as his teacher talks. He opens his closet and rummages through the shoes. The teacher calls on him and asks him to turn on his camera. He rushes to his chair and asks her to repeat the question. She repeats it for him. He tells her he’s not really sure. The teacher moves onto the next person. He switches off his webcam and gets a ladder. The teacher announces a test for next week while he reaches for water blaster near some games.

At lunch, A1 texts him a picture of his water blaster and suggests they should a plan a game with their friends. A1 says some of his friends want to meet him. J1 asks him if got the invitation for his graduation party. J1 says he got the link for it and will be attending it. A1 asks him if he’s still going away to school. J1 says he sent out applications. A1 tells him good luck. J1 says he’ll talk to him later. A1 hangs up and signs back into for class.

J1 sprays A1 with his water blaster on the apartment steps. A1 sprays J1. However, J1 ducks and it the water hits one of A1’s friend. A1’s friend responds by spraying both of them. A1 pushes his wet hair back and says he has to reload. J1 says gathers the empty water blasters on the ground. A1’s neighbor says hello to them and screeches as she gets drenched in water. A1 and J1 cringe. His neighbor tells him they should be playing in the lot and stomps his feet as he walks back inside. They laugh to themselves as they stand by the door.

Director: N/A Year: 2021

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