Video Review: Vanessa Williams “Colors of the Wind”

Vanessa Williams walks into the forest at night. In a clip from the 1995 film, Pocahontas, Pocahontas peeks through the bushes. She and Meeko watch a ship sail near the shore. Some birds fly away from the tree. Back in the forest, Williams wraps the shawl around herself as she stands by a tree.

In a clip, several women carry food on their heads as they walk back to their homes. A father hugs his children while the mother smiles. John Smith reaches out his hand to Pocahontas. She puts her hand in his. As they sit together, he shakes her hand. She climbs the trees and sits on a limb. Meeko eats as Flit hovers over him. Pocahontas does cartwheels as she spends time with John in the field.

Continuing from the clips, Pocahontas and John swim in the ocean. They hold hands as they fall with the cascading waterfall. Back in the forest, Williams holds onto to the ends of her shawl and waves it behind her. In a clip, Pocahontas places a tree branch by the cliff as John carries a shovel. John lands on a piece of wood, bridging the gap between the cliffs. Back in the forest, Williams twirls around. In a clip, Pocahontas stands on the cliff.

Rating: 3/5

Vanessa Williams stares into her front mirror. The fortysomething man, in the car behind her, wrung his hands as he sat in traffic. A thirtysomething man waves “thanks” to her as he pulls into the lane. It was a couple of minutes. She makes a left into the store.

As she walks into the store, a twentysomething woman gives her a coupon and says maybe she could some use out of them. Smiling, she thanks the twentysomething and grabs a cart. As she browses through the t-shirt, a thirtysomething woman says she can never find her size. She shows Williams the shirt and says there aren’t any larges anywhere. Williams looks in the pile and finds one for her. The thirtysomething woman says she’s a godsend.

Williams checks her receipt as she sits in her car. The discount was applied. Behind her, she sees a car waiting for the spot. She puts her purse on the passenger seat and her foot on the brake. As she backs out, the car moves a little. She could look at her receipt again once she got home.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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